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Click here to Attend the Meeting Meeting ID: 1903 

This meeting is a coordination meeting for the WikiProject FamilySearch Records. The purpose of this project is to create wiki articles that describe collections that are published on FamilySearch Historical Records. We are looking for volunteers to help up contribute to this effort.



Just to make sure we all know each other!  (Tip: if you have your phone on mute, you'll have to unmute ;)

  • Name, state (if you'd like), interest in genealogy,
  • How did you find out about this project?
  • Who we are and why we are doing this project


The video from the introductory meeting on October 27, 2010 can be found by going to the Meeting Place page, entering a username or logging in, typing in 1902 in the box where it asks for the Meeting ID, clicking "Find Meeting". Then, on the next page under "Meeting Search" click on "Past" in the radio button options. It will return a result with the meeting from last week) - click on the 1902 (our meeting from last week). The next page is titled "Meeting Information".  To the right side, in the blue area, there is a link for "Attachments/Recordings"; click on this link. On the next page you will find different options; the first will link you to both a sound and video recording of the meeting.  Whew!!  =)


What do you all think about:

  • Teaming up to tackle articles

      - Each person would have a set assignment in the article

      - Could be a great way to learn different roles in the project 

      - We'd be helping each other - go team! =)


As Robin (@savingstories) suggested, we've created a badge that will link to our project page:

  • You can post the badge to a blog and/or website
  • Shows you as being part of the team
  • You're helping to spread the word!


Would you rather: 

  • Be assigned specific projects (at least to start with until you get the hang of it)


  • Run with what you know you like to do already?

Questions about the project or ideas

  • How can we help you from this point?
  • Do you know of others who might be interested?
  • We'd love to get to know you better; would you mind if we sent you a questionnaire?

Instructions for Attending the Web Meeting

The link to join the weekly meeting appears on both the agenda page and also this home page for the Community Meeting. (See above)
  • Select the desired "Connect Me" option and enter the phone number for MeetingPlace to call you at.
  • Click the Connect button

You can also attend the meeting without using your computer.

  • Dial into 801-240-2663 (Local/International) or 877-453-7266 (US Toll-free)
  • Follow the prompts to enter the Meeting ID

Prior to joining the meeting for the first time, please run the MeetingPlace Test to verify you can participate in a web meeting.