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To enrich the parish pages for Sweden by adding pictures of the parish churches to each Swedish parish page in the FamilySearch Wiki.


Family history research is not simply names, dates, and places on paper or a computer screen. The information represents people and their lives. A researcher may go to a Swedish parish page looking for websites, place names, jurisdictional information, or databases, but these tools alone are simply text on a page. The purpose of adding pictures to the parish pages is to enrich the research experience by giving a visual glimpse of the ancestor’s life. Its fun and exciting to see a place where you know the ancestor visited often. This project also provides an opportunity for people who enjoy working with graphics.

Participation with this WikiProject

Anyone can participate with this WikiProject. A large group of people have been taking digital pictures of parish churches in Sweden and posting them online in Wikimedia Commons. Some photographers have posted them under a public domain for anyone to use with or without attribution. Others have posted under the copyright that anyone may use the image for nonprofit use but must include attribution to the person who took the picture. Either way the images are available. There are 2 phases to this WikiProject. 1. Participants will need to down load a copy of the image and resize the image, and 2. upload the image to the FamilySearch Wiki with proper source attribution.


Phase 1

1. Go to the Wikimedia Commons website by clicking on this link or doing a search for Wikimedia Commons in a search engine like Google.

2. Once at the site, type the words Swedish Churches in the search field (upper right corner)

3. Scroll down to Dioceses and click on the Diocese you want to work in.

4. Click on the topic Churches in the Diocese of (choose a diocese)

5. Click on the name of the church you want a picture of.

6. In many cases there are multiple pictures to choose from. Click on the picture that seems to be the best picture of the church.

7. Look at the Licensing or Permission. If it has the copyright symbol with a line through it, and says the work is in the public domain, you can download a copy without worrying about photographer attribution. If the permission shows a CC symbol and states the image is under a Creative Commons license, then "You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work)".

8. Then scroll down under File history and click on the picture there. The image will open in its full size.

9. Place you mouse pointer on the picture, do a left click, and choose “Save image as”. From here you can choose where you want the image to save to. You can also choose the format (choose .JPG) if available. We prefer .jpg to be used as the format although .png, and .gif are acceptable. Then you can keep the existing name, or rename the file to your choosing. As a suggestion use the name of the church in the file name.

10. The maximum file size is 2 MB. If you need to resize the image. This can be done using tools like the Microsoft Office Picture Manager, or any other program used for photo editing like IrfanView.

Phase 2

1. Sign into the FamilySearch Wiki

2. To upload the file into the FamilySearch Wiki you can choose Upload file (found under the Toolbox on the right side) and go through the file authorization and review process, or you can work with the Project Leader to assist you (who has file upload rights to authorize and review)

3. After the file has been uploaded, navigate to the parish page and click on “Edit This Page”.

4. Click on the blank white space where you want the image placed (we are placing the picture at the top of the Swedish parish pages). See example Lungsund parish, Sweden

5.Then click on the Insert Image icon (found on the row under Disable rich editor to the far right. This icon looks like a small picture of mountains with a yellow sky. Type the name of the file in the “Image file name” box. When the image name appears in the automatic search results box, click on the name of the image file. 

6. Write a caption if you’d like. Then choose Special Type “Thumbnail”, Align right, left, or center and enter the width (for example 200.)

7. Scroll down and click “Save page”

If you would like to walk through this process, feel free to contact the Project Leaders of this WikiProject.


See the following articles for detailed explanations of uploading and file approval:


  • Once you click on "Edit" a timer begins a countdown of about 20 minutes. If the countdown times out before you click "Save Page" you will loose your work. To avoid loosing your work:

- Click "Save Page" occasionally

Participating Swedish User Group Members

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Progress Chart

Once there are members to this group, we will decide how to measure the progress of this WikiProject.