Watrous, Mora County, New Mexico, Cemeteries

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Canada Bonita Cemetery / San Jose Cemetery

Address:           Canada Bonita, NM said to be near historical town Loma Parda, NM.   

Location:           North of Watrous, NM, on State Road 161 towards Las Golondrinas, NM.


GPS:                Latitude:  N Longitude:  W

Maps:               Interactive Map 1,


Interments:       4

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Kroenig Cemetery

Address:             Watrous, NM 87753 ; Loma Parda, NM

Location:            .3 miles northwest of mile marker 361,off Interstate 25. West of the creekside.

                          The cemetery is 3.3 miles from Watrous.

Elevation:           1,981 meters = 6,498 feet

GPS:                 Latitude: 35.76420 N      Longitude: -105.02140 W

Maps:                Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,



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Sacred Heart Cemetery

Address:           Watrous, NM

Location:           Off interstate 25, take the watrous exit, State roads 161/446 to Watrous.


GPS:                Latitude:  N Longitude:  W

Maps:               Interactive Map 1,



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Tiptonville Cemetery

Address:            Tiptonville, NM 87753

Location:            Off interstate 25, take the watrous exit, State roads 161 north to Tiptonville.  It is on the left (west)

                         side, before the first road turns left to Tiptonville, and after the large building on the left.

                         The cemetery is .8 miles from tiptonville, and 1.7 miles from Watrous.

Elevation:           1,969 meters = 6,458 feet

GPS:                 Latitude: N Longitude: W

Maps:                Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,

Photos:              2


Interments:         83

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Watrous Cemetery

Address:              Watrous, NM. 87753 ; Loma Parda, NM

Location:              North of Watrous, on State Road 161 to Golondrinasand Buena Vista. Immediately before the first fork

                           in the road, where 161 goes to the left. The cemetery is on the left (west) side of 161.

                           The cemetery is 1.4 miles from Tiptonville, and 2.1 miles from Watrous.

Elevation:             1,982 meters = 6,501 feet

GPS:                   Latitude: N Longitude: W

Maps:                  Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,



Interments:           4

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