Washington in the Civil War

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Fort Vancouver, Clark County, Washington (reconstructed) 1849 to 1866


In 1861, Washington was part of the Washington Territory. In 1863, the Idaho Territoy was formed, and Washington Territory was reduced to the state's current boundaries. Washington was the furthest place in the United States from the war zone. One regiment was raised from Washington, though most of the men were from California and some from Oregon. The regiment's companies stayed in the northwest keeping the peace in that area.[1]

Washington Military Units

The information below about the Washington Military Unit comes from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors web site. That web site also can be searched by the name of a soldier.

  • 1st Regiment, Washington Infantry (Union)
    Companies "A," "B," "C" and "D," organized at Alcartraz Island, San Francisco, California, January to April, 1862. The other companies were organized at other places and dates.
    Regiment mustered out December 11, 1865.


The Family History Library has the index to service records of Union volunteers from Washington Territory (Family History Library film 821948) and the federal index to pension applications. The actual service and pension records are available only at the National Archives. The library also has a copy of a special census taken in 1890 of Union veterans of the Civil War (Family History Library film 338267).

Civil War Pension Index Cards - An Index to Pension Applications of veterans who served in the US Army between 1861-1917 is available on FamilySearch. Each card gives the soldier’s name, application and certificate numbers, state of enlistment, and might include rank and death information. The majority of the records are of Civil War veterans, but the collection also includes records for veterans of the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection, the Indian Wars, and World War I. For more information see Union Pension Records.


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