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Most archives, historical societies, and genealogical societies have special collections and indexes of genealogical value. These must usually be searched in person.

The most important genealogical collections for Washington have been compiled by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). The Family History Library has two sets of DAR compilations microfilmed at the DAR Library in Washington, D.C. They are filed together as one entry in the catalog. The sets are:

Genealogical and Historical Gleanings. Twelve volumes compiled from 1931 to 1959 (Family History Library films 849488-91).

The Family Records of Pioneers. Forty volumes of transcripts of Bible records, cemetery records, church records, marriages, deaths, obituaries, and wills microfilmed in 1970 (on 22 Family History Library films beginning on film 0848702). Additional volumes compiled since 1970 are at the DAR Library. Volumes 1 through 52 are indexed by Shirley Swart, comp., Index to Washington State Daughters of the American Revolution. Yakima, Washington: Yakima Valley Genealogical Society, 1983. (Family History Library book 979.7 D22y.) The original 52 volumes are in the care of the Yakima Genealogical Society Library. See Periodicals

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