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Guide to Washington County Maryland genealogy. Birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.

United States Gotoarrow.pngMaryland Gotoarrow.png Washington County

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Online Records

Washington County, Maryland
Map of Maryland highlighting Washington County
Location in the state of Maryland
Map of the U.S. highlighting Maryland
Location of Maryland in the U.S.
Founded September 6, 1776
County Seat Hagerstown
Address Washington County Courthouse
P.O. Box 229
Hagerstown, MD 21741
Washington County Website

Washington County Maryland Courthouse

Beginning Dates for Washington County, Maryland Genealogy Government Records
Birth Marriage Death Census Land Probate
1898 1799 1898 1790 1777 1777

County Clerk
100 W. Washington St., #226
Hagerstown, MD 21740-4735
Phone: 240-313-2200

Register of Wills
95 West Washington St.
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Washington County Maryland History


Washington County was the first county in the United States named for General George Washington, who later became the first President of the United States. Washington County lies in the heart of the Great Valley, which extends down from Central Pennsylvania through Tennessee. The county is located in the portion of the Great Valley known as The Cumberland Valley located north of the Potomac River. The lower portion of the Cumberland Valley is drained by Antietam Creek and Conococheague Creek. [1]Washington County has 24 graceful stone arch bridges built between 1819 and 1863.

Parent County

Washington County was created 6 September 1776 from Frederick County and has 458 square miles which contains 3 National Parks, 7 State Parks, 14 County Parks, and numerous City and Town Parks. Hagerstown is the county seat.

Boundary Changes

Allegany County was formed from Washington County on 25 December 1789.

For animated maps illustrating Maryland county boundary changes, "Rotating Formation Maryland County Boundary Maps" (1637-1997) may be viewed for free at the MapofUS.org website.

Record Loss

1871 ~ On December 6, 1871 the courthouse was destroyed by fire.[2][3]148 pages. Includes histories, maps and rosters of Antietam, Washington, Mt. Olivet and Elmwood Cemeteries.

  • History of Leitersburg District, Washington County, Md By Herbert Charles Bell [4] is a history of the early settlers of the Leitersberg District near Hagerstown, Maryland. This is first rate guide to the early genealogical records of the time and place. Full text can be accessed at Google Books
  • A History of Washington County, Maryland, by Thomas John Chew Williams [5] from the earliest settlements to the present time, including a history of Hagerstown, to this is added a biographical record of representative families prepared from data obtained from original sources of information. A snippet view can be seen at Google Books.


  • Washington County USGenWeb Project This site has numerous old maps and/or links to old maps online of Washington County, including the map of the original patent holders of the county, Washington County Hundreds, 1859 William Taggert Map, 1877 Illustrated Atlas, 1879 Ilustrated Atlas, and 1895 County Atlas.
  • 1877 Washington County Atlas is an Illustrated Atlas of Washington County, Maryland and was published in 1877 by Lake, Griffing & Stevenson of Philadelphia.
  • 1895 Atlas of Maryland County.
  • Military Maps by David Rumsey of Washington County in the 1800's.
  • Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection has State Maps, City Maps, Maps of National Parks, Monuments, and Historic Sites.


Civil War

Civil War service men from Washington County served in various regiments. Men often joined a regiment or a company (within a regiment) that originated in their county. Listed below are the military units that were formed in or had many men from Washington County.

- 1st Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Potomac Home Brigade, Company E, F, and H
- 2nd Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Potomac Home Brigade, Company F
- 3rd Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Potomac Home Brigade , Company E
- 4th Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Potomac Home Brigade, Company A
- 6th Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Company H
- 7th Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Company A and I

Civil War Battle

The following Civil War battles were fought in Washington County

Map Showing Civil War battles in Maryland
Battle of Antietam.png
In Sharpsburg, the Battle of Antietam took place on Sept 17, 1862. This tragic battle found 23,110 men that had been either killed, wounded, or listed as missing. If they didn't die in the battle, they succumbed to disease or from the wounds that they had received. The little village was turned into a burial ground with the farm of William Roulette becoming the final resting place for 700 soldiers. Other of the dead were buried in fields surrounding this once peaceful little community. Antietam is considered a turning point of the Civil War.
  • Crossroads of war : Washington County, Maryland, in the Civil War by S. Roger Keller; [9] focuses on cross-section of the happenings of both civilians and the military with eyewitness accounts of events in Washington County history.
  • Events of the Civil War in Washington County, Maryland By S. Roger Keller, Dennis E. Frye;[10][11]Events of the Civil War shows that War through the eyes of one community drawn from letters, newspapers, regimental histories, diaries, family histories, and published and unpublished archival sources.

Other Civil War Battles that were fought in Washington include:

Map showing Civil War battles in Maryland
Military Websites
Military Records
  • Searchable index of Maryland, Civil War Service Records of Union Soldiers, 1861-1865 (with images).
  • Searchable index of Maryland, Civil War Service Records of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865 (with images).
  • A Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services: With their Names, Ages, and Places of Residence, as Returned by the Marshalls of the Several Judicial Districts, Under the Act for Taking the Sixth Census]. 1841. Digital version at Google Books. 1967 reprint: FHL Collection 973 X2pc 1840. [See Maryland, Washington County on page 127.]
  • List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883; Giving the Name of Each Pensioner, the Cause for Why Pensioned, the Post-Office Address, the Rate of Pension Per Month, and the Date of Original Allowance... Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1883. FHL Collection 973 M2Lp v. 5; digital versions at Google Books and Internet Archive. [See Vol. 5, Maryland, Washington County, pp. 156-159. Identifies War of 1812 veterans living in this county in 1883.]

The 1778 Oath of Fidelity lists for Washington County have been published in:

  • Brumbaugh, Gaius Marcus. Revolutionary Records of Maryland. Washington, D.C.: R.H. Darby Print., 1924. Digital version at FamilySearch Books Online - free.

For more information about the Military in Maryland please refer to the Maryland Military Records page.



For more information about Maryland Periodicals please refer to the Maryland Periodicals page.



  • 1783 - Washington County Tax List of 1783: This is an alphabetical index to names to all property owners assessed. The index cards at the Maryland State Archives include county, hundred, names of tracts of land and whether individuals were paupers or single males as provided in the law.
  • 1783 - "Washington County 1783 Tax Assessment," Western Maryland Genealogy, Vol. 7, No. 2 (Apr. 1991):77-82; Vol. 7, No. 3 (Jul. 1991):119-125; Vol. 7, No. 4 (Oct. 1991):169-174; Vol. 8, No. 1 (Jan. 1992):20-23; Vol. 8, No. 2 (Apr. 1992):65-71; Vol. 8, No. 1 (Jul. 1992):118-126; Vol. 8, No. 4 (Oct. 1992):169-175; Vol. 9, No. 1 (Jan. 1993):23-27; Vol. 9, No. 3 (Jul. 1993):126-131.
  • 1803-1804 - Western Maryland's Historical LIbrary has  Washington County Taxes. 1803 - 1804

Vital Records

Birth and Christening



Other Washington County death resources include:

Washington County Maryland Genealogy Societies and Libraries

For other Societies refer to the Maryland Societies page.

Family History Centers

Washington County Maryland Genealogy Websites

  • FamilyHart Online Database This online family database contains over 719,000 linked family names. It grows by 1,000 names per week, and is updated quarterly. There are many many Washington County names in this database.
  • Jew's Genealogy - This web site contains information on many families from the Washington County, Maryland area.
  • "Washington Co.," in Genealogical Sources in Periodicals at The Maryland State Archives.

Washington County Maryland Genealogy References

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(Requires free registration.) fckLRfckLR*Washington County Circuit Court Clerk has Land Records from 1777.fckLRfckLRSee the Maps section of this article for information about plat and ownership maps. fckLRfckLRFor more information about Land in Maryland please refer to the Maryland Land and Property page. fckLRfckLR==== Local Histories ====fckLRfckLR*The Bivouacs of the Dead: The Story of those Who Died at Antietam and South Mountain <ref>The Bivouacs of the Dead: The Story of those Who Died at Antietam and South Mountain; Stotelmyer, Steven R., Baltimore, MD: Toomey Press, 1992. LIB 2-4-4
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