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=== Quick Facts ===
=== Quick Facts ===
===  ===
===  ===
==== Parent Counties ====
==== <br>Neighboring Counties ====
==== <br>Boundary Changes ====
==== <br>Record Loss ====
===  ===
===  ===

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Washington City, Washington Utah

Quick Facts

Parent Counties

Neighboring Counties

Boundary Changes

Record Loss


Washington City Justice Court

111 North 100 East
Washington City, UT 84780
Phone (435) 656-6350
Fax (435) 656-6372
Washington City web site

How Washington City was started

Many families left their homes in Northern Utah to start a new life and hopefully live their religion in peace and harmony. Brigham Young chose 38 families and they arrived in Washington City area on April 15, 1857.  Many people suffered from diereses and hunger. Today the area is called Utah’s Dixie.



Washington City Utah Cemetery

The Washington City Cemetery dates back from 1859 historically. Beautiful grass and shade trees. As you can see in the photo these graves are highly decorated and taken care of.

300 E Parkview Drive, Washington City Utah 84780 For more information call: Washington City Recorder's Office 656-6356

Photo taken: June 2011

Link to Washington Cily Utah Cemetery  Washington City Cemetery


Utah guide for geneological death records: 



Washington County census

Utah Census






Library System

Alan Anderson
Branch Manager

220 N 300 E
Washington, UT 84780
(435) 627-2706
Fax: (435) 627-2776

Washington City Public Library





This website has many links to other digital newspapers.

Pioneer Utah research guides and news

Utah digital newspaper will help find birth and death records of ancesctors.

Deseret Digital newspaper

Historical Facts

Historical Places

Robert D Covington House

Washington Cotton Factory- Thousands of people and families who left their homes to find a new life in Utah and live their religion. There were 38 families that were asked by Brigham Young to travel to Southern Utah to grow cotton, this soon became known and called "Utah's Dixie" It was called. The Cotton Mission

Washington Relief Society Hall

Washington School

City Service Departments

Washington City Fire Department

Fire Station 61
250 W Buena Vista Dr
Washington City, UT 84780
(435) 673-4788
M-F 10am-4pm

Fire Department web page

Washington City Police Department

Public Safety Offices/ Police Station

95 North Main
Washington City, UT 84780
(435) 986-1515
M - F 8am-5pm
Non-Emergency Police: (435)634-5730

Police Department web page

Other Services



Washington City Website