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For an explanation of probate records in England, click here.

Getting Started

Probate is the legal court process by which the estate of a deceased person is distributed to his or her heirs. The Church of England ecclesiastical courts had authority for this process until 1858. Beginning in 1858, authority over probate matters was taken from ecclesiastical courts and put under the civil authority of the Principal Probate Registry. The Post-1857 Probate Records section below contains links to additional information about the records of this court.

To look for a probate record before 1858:

  1. Discover when and where your ancestor died. If you don’t know, use the approximate date and place where they lived.
  2. Go to Court Jurisdictions By Parish Name section below.
  3. Click a letter or span of letters for your place name. This opens a jurisdictions table.
  4. Follow the instructions on the jurisdictions table page.

In addition, the Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury had jurisdiction over the whole of England, particularly in cases of wealthy individuals, people who owned property in more than one county or court's jurisdiction, people who lived or owned property outside of England, and military and Naval personnel.

Appeals Courts

Any probate that was disputed and could not be settled by the county courts could be sent to these higher appeals courts:

The Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury also served as an appeals court.

Warwickshire Probate Courts

Most of Warwickshire was under the pre-1858 probate jurisdiction of either the Court of the Bishop of Worcester (Episcopal Consistory) or the Court of the Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry (Episcopal Consistory).  The majority of probate searches will be in the records of these two courts and their superior courts.  However, the following smaller courts also had some pre-1858 jurisdiction within the county. Click on a court name to learn about records and indexes.

Appeals Courts

Any probate that was disputed and could not be settled by the county courts could be sent to these higher appeals courts:

The Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury also served as an appeals court.

Some Explanatory Notes on Warwickshire Probate Courts 

  • From 1837, the whole of the Warwickshire's parishes came under the probate court jurisdiction of the Bishop of Worcester
  • In pre-1837 the north, east and northwestern Warwickshire parishes came under the authority and jurisdiction of the Bishop of Lichfield.
  • The rest of the of Warwickshire (south-west portion) in pre-1837 came under the Diocese of the Bishop of Worcester. 

Here's the List of Warwickshire Parishes which in pre-1837, came under the court jurisdiction of the Diocese of the Bishop of Worcester (Episcopal Consistory).

Court Jurisdictions by Parish 

Before 1858, every town and parish in Warwickshire came under the jurisdiction of a primary probate court and one or more secondary courts. When looking for the pre-1858 will of an ancestor in Warwickshire, you need to determine what courts had jurisdiction over the place where your ancestor died or had property.  Click on a link below for the letter your parish of interest begins with and follow the instructions given on the next page. 

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Probate Indexes

  • Registered wills and original wills, administrations and inventories, 1494-1860, and, act books, 1532-1638 for Diocese of Lichfield Episcopal Consistory Court These are calendars   This diocese covers the northern and eastern parts of county Warwick.
  • A general will index for the Diocese of Lichfield exists online, a scanned edition of P.W. Phillimore's publication by the British Record Society in 1892,Calendars of wills administrations in the Consistory court of the bishop of Lichfield. This single index consolidates most Staffordshire wills of the various probate court jurisdictions from 1514-1652 for the Diocese of Lichfield and to 1790 for Warwickshire's smaller peculiar courts.
  • The Episcopal Consistory Court of The Bishop of Worcester Covers the southwestern third of this county.
  • Episcopal Consistory Court of the Bishop of Worcester Calendar of wills and administrations, 1661-1858 is a typscript and is available at The Family History Library, (FHL)  book call no. 942.47 P2e vols 1-4. Contents : v. 1. 1661-1699 -- v. 2. 1700-1749 -- v. 3. 1750-1799 -- v. 4. 1800-1858; or, it is available via microfilm at its 4,600 Family History Centers worldwide. [1]
  • Worcestershire wills index, 1858-1928. "The index is arranged in alphabetical order of surname followed by the forename. Then the date of probate is cited, thus leading one to the register concerned, together with the relevant page number. It will be noted that there is some slight variation in style of the date of probate quoted. This is because this index was compiled from the existing indexes in each register and the amount of detail in each varied slightly, particularly in the first few volumes." -- from foreword.
  • CD-ROM no. 1671 at the Family History Library [2]
  • Calendar of wills and administrations in the Consistory court of the Bishop of Worcester, 1451-1652 : also marriage licenses and sequestrations now deposited in the Probate registry at Worcester
  • The Index library (British Record Society) : v. 31, 39. (Family History Library book numbers 942 B4b v. 31 1968 and 942 B4b v. 39 1968.) Contents: v. 31. 1451-1600 -- v. 39. 1601-1652. [3] Also available in the Family History Library book 942.47 S2c [4]
  • A calendar of wills and administrations preserved in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Worcester, l45l-(l652) [5]

Index of Probate from January-March 1660-1 for the Bishop of Worcester Original Wills

Name Place Date
John Allen Wixelsford 6 Mar
William Averill Broadway 20 Mar
Thomas Baker Juichfieh? 28 Feb
Roger Barnard Stratford Upon Avon 16 Mar
William Beaver Combrook, Warwickshire 8 Mar
Ferdinand Bentley Wick by Pershore 27 Feb
Thomas Bonnar Alderminster 13 Feb
Francis Buck Oddingley 28 Feb
John Butler Swale 6 Feb
William Butler Cateshill, Bromsgrove 28 Feb
Robert Caldecote Hunington 28 Feb
Thomas Clarke City of Worcester 21 Feb
William Climer Shenston in Stone 23 Feb
Robert Coldecott or Colicoal Hunington 28 Feb
Mathew Collet Alderminster or Aldermarston 7 Mar
John Cooke St Peter, Worcester 8 Feb
John Cookes Stoke Prior 25 Feb
Symon Corbett Defford 6 Feb
Thomas Crowe Chadwich, Bromsgrove 16 Feb
Richard Dannce Wick by Pershore 20 Feb
Mary Dawks or Dawlks Himbleton 23 Feb
Henry Day Pinvin 27 Feb
Margaret Desmastres Pershore 20 Feb
Thomas Edgcock Kinerton, Warwickshire 16 Mar
Frances Elcoxe St Martins, Worcester 22 Mar
Elizabeth George Eckington 8 Mar
Thomas George the Elder Naunton in Severn Stoke 2 Mar
Gyles Gilbert Longdon 18 Mar
William Griffin Clifton in Severn Stoke 16 Mar
Thomas Gyles Powick 7 Feb
George Hall Broadway 7 Mar
John Hall Tarbecke 10 Mar
Ellinor Hay Eckington 13 Mar
John Hay Alchurch 28 Feb
William Hopkins Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire 16 Mar
Anne Horsham Wicke in Pershore 27 Feb
Richard Hurlston Ilmington, Warwickshire 28 Feb
Katherine Inones or Jnones  ? Mathon 28 Feb
Anne Jennings Moseley 21 Mar
Robert Knight Charlecott, Warwickshire 20 Mar
Cicilia Lee Alveston 6 Feb
Edmond Ligon 12 Mar
Richard Marshall Inkberrow 27 Feb
Anthony Morrice Icomb 14 Mar
John Moseley Northwich, Blockley 14 Mar
William Moseley Puddington or Huddington? 27 Feb
Thomas Munsloe Tibberton 9 Feb
Edward Nicholls Hunnington 8 Mar
John Oldmole or Oldnall Chaddestly Corbett 7 Feb
Thomas Ordway Bengworth 12 Mar
John Pearsall Whitley Barne, Halesowen, Salop 1 Mar
William Phillips Church Lench 28 Feb
Maria or Mary Phipps Aldermarston or Alderminster 10 Feb
Alice Pratt Wick near Pershore 6 Feb
William Quinton Hunnington, Warwickshire 27 Feb
John Rainolds or Reynolds Kidderminster 27 Feb
John Richardson Shottery in Stratford on Avon Warwickshire 20 Mar
Julie Shawe Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire 16 Feb
Stephen Sitch Shefferie, Warwickshire 13 Mar
Mary Smith Eckington (Eskington) 11 Mar
Thomas Smith Vifford 9 Mar
Margery Symonds Elmley Castle 14 Mar
William Taverner Pinvin or Pembry 27 Feb
Mary Tonerton or Towerton Holt 6 Mar
Richard Walker Ridmington 8 Mar
Michael Warne Alvechurch or Alchurch 28 Feb
William Washborne Tibberton 23 Feb
Henry Whatley Tanworth, Warwickshire 9 Mar
Thomas Whopper Tibberton 23 Feb

Estate Duty Records

Starting in 1796, a tax or death duty was payable on estates over a certain value. Estate duty abstracts may add considerable information not found elsewhere. Estate duty indexes may help locate a will. For more information, go to Estate Duty Records.

Post-1857 Probate Records

Beginning in 1858, the government took over the settlement of estates and all wills are now probated through the Principal Probate Registry system. For more information, go to Principal Probate Registry.