Württemberg Probate Records

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Inventur- und Teilungsakten

These are official probate records. They were established for heritages, handing over a farm, entering marriages or conducting bankrupcies. In such cases an inventory of the entire property was taken. The lists contain all possessions of a man or a woman, starting with real estate and ending with provisions.

Such lists were created by the mayor and three judges (Waisenrichter) who were installed to over-see the interests of minors and act as guardians to those who could not properly represent themselves. The lists then went to the scribes of the Ämter, who portrayed all active and passive property and compared it to the obligations in order to achive a real overview of the capital. After all this effort the remaining capital was then distributed among the heirs.

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The lists can be found in local archives. Some are available through www.familysearch.org Library catalog, Probate Records of individual localities.