Württemberg Civil Registration

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Civil Registration

As in most states of Germany civil registration in Württemberg began in 1876 and continue to this day. Each community had its own registration office which was the mayor's office (Bürgermeisteramt).  Some smaller villages belonged to the larger community and their records were kept in the larger community. Larger cities, such as Stuttgart, may have several civil registration offices.  This office was called the Standesamt.

Comparable to church records the civil records may contain more information. Many of them are on pre-printed forms, which vary from area to area, requiring specific informtion such as:

  • Date of registration
  • Name and status of person reporting the event
  • Place of event (birth, marriage or death)
  • Father, mother and child names for births
  • Occupations, ages
  • Witnesses
  • Dates of births, marriages and deaths (individual documents)
  • Names of deceased
  • Spouse of deceased
  • Parents of deceased
  • Birthplaces
  • Notations of events happening later in life, such as marriages and deaths

Standesamts also often reported back to other standesamts where a person was born with marriage and death data.

Records (photocoies) of births, marriages and deaths can be obtained through the civil registration offices.  In most cases a relationship has to be proven before the civil registration office will give out information because of privacy laws. This can vary from place to place. The Family History Library has not filmed the civil registration records of Württemberg. 

By doing an internet search for the word "Standesamt" followed by the location name, you can usually find the address of most civil registration offices in Württemberg.  Many Standesamts have a website and you can often contact them through email.

 For some civil registration (Standesamt) contact information see  http://de.local.yahoo.com/Deutschland/Baden-W%C3%BCrttemberg/Standesamt/de100006459-s-2345481.html