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{{further|Introduction to LDS Family History Centers}}.
{{further|Introduction to LDS Family History Centers}}.
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[[Category:General information about Family History Centers]]

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Your success in finding family records at a Family History Center will depend entirely upon how much information you bring with you. To increase your chance of success, interview family members and gather records at home before you visit the center.

If you want to learn how to find or use records, this site, the FamilySearch Research Wiki can help. Individual pages in this wiki list important records, search strategies, and finding aids for a specific area such as a nation, state, or province. Some pages on the FamilySearch Research Wiki cover specific records or groups of people, such as U.S. military records or African Americans. You can find the information in pages on this website under the specific location.

Each center has unique hours of operation. Call your local center for their scheduled hours before you visit.

Further information: Introduction to LDS Family History Centers.