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A variety of genealogical material has been published in periodicals, including transcripts from cemeteries, Bibles, census, court records, and pedigrees. An index to several significant periodicals and other published sources is:

Swem, Earl Gregg. Virginia Historical Index. Two Volumes in four. 1934-1936. Reprint, Gloucester, Massachusetts: Peter Smith, 1965. (Family History Library book 975.5 H22s 1965; films 485948-49; fiche 6046961.)

The major periodicals and magazines helpful for research in Virginia include:

William and Mary Quarterly (formerly William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine). 1892-. Published by the Institute of Early American History and Culture, P.O. Box 220, Williamsburg, Virginia 23187. This has been published in three series: first series (1892-1920), second series (1921-1943), and third series (1944-present). (Family History Library book 973 H25w; first series to volume 27 [1919] and second series to volume 23 [1943] on Family History Library films 001254-74.) The first series and the second series through 1930 are indexed in Swem's Virginia Historical Index. Compiled alphabetical reprints are cited in the “Genealogy” section.

Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine. 1919-52. Published by Mrs. Lyon G. Tyler. (Family History Library book 973 B2t; some volumes are on microfilm.) This is indexed through 1929 in Swem's Virginia Historical Index. Compiled alphabetical reprints are cited in the “Genealogy” section.

Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. 1894-. Published by the Virginia Historical Society, P.O. Box 7311, Richmond, Virginia 23221. (Family History Library book 975.5 B2v; some early volumes on microfilm beginning with film 833381.) Indexed to 1930 through Swem's Virginia Historical Index. Compiled alphabetical reprints are cited in the “Genealogy” section.

Virginia Appalachian Notes. 1977-. Published by the Southwestern Virginia Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 12485, Roanoke, Virginia 24026. (Family History Library book 975.5 D25v.)

Magazine of Virginia Genealogy (formerly Quarterly of the Virginia Genealogical Society). 1963-. Published by the Virginia Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 7469, Richmond, Virginia 23221. (Family History Library book 975.5 B2vs.)

The Southside Virginian. 1982-. Published by Lyndon H. Hart and J. Christian Kolbe, P.O. Box 118, Richmond, Virginia 23201. (Family History Library book 975.5 D25s.)

Virginia Genealogist. 1957-. Published by John Frederick Dorman, P.O. Box 4883, Washington, DC 20008. (Family History Library book 975.5 B2vg; Volumes 1-12 on films 844855-57.) There are cumulative indexes for volumes 1-20 and 21-35 in book form and on compact disc.

Virginia Tidewater Genealogy. 1970-. Published by the Tidewater Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 76, Hampton, Virginia 23669. (Family History Library book 975.5 D25vt; films 1955382-384, volumes 1-24.)

Sons of the Revolution in the State of Virginia Quarterly Magazine. 1922-1932. Volumes 1-10. Published by the Sons of the Revolution in the State of Virginia. (Family History Library book 975.5 B2s; fiche 6048982-91.) Indexed in Kathryn Barclay, Index to Sons of the Revolution in the State of Virginia Quarterly Magazine (Norfolk, Virginia: Norfolk Genealogical Society, 1984;Family History Library book 975.5 B2s index). Includes Part II: Slaves and Free Men of Color. These persons are mentioned in this magazine.

The Huguenot. 1924-. Published by the Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia, Inc., 981 Huguenot Trail, Midlothian, Virginia 23113, Telephone: 804-794-5702. (Family History Library book 975.5 B2hm.) Indexed in Master Index to The Huguenot(Bryan, Texas: Family History Foundation, 1986; Family History Library book 975.5 B2hm index; film 1697534).

For nationwide indexes to some of these and other family history periodicals, see:

PERiodical Source Index (PERSI). Ft. Wayne, Indiana: Allen County Public Library Foundation, 1987-. (Family History Library book 973 D25per; fiche 6016863 [set of 40] (1847-1985); fiche 6016864 [set of 15] (1986-1990.) Indexes thousands of family history periodicals. Annual indexes have been published yearly since 1986. For further details see the PERiodical Source Index Resource Guide.

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