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Virginia Online Genealogy Records

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Virginia Statewide Online Genealogy Records
This is collection of links to Virginia statewide databases and collections.
Many of these links will be repeated on county pages.
<a href="Virginia Vital Records">Vital Records</a>
<a href="Virginia African Americans">African American</a>
<a href="Virginia Archives and Libraries">Archives and Libraries</a>
<a href="Virginia Biography">Biographies</a>
<a href="Virginia Cemeteries">Cemetery Records</a>
<a href="Virginia Census">Census</a>
  • <a href="United States Census Online Genealogy Records">United States Online Census, 1790-1940</a>
<a href="Virginia Church Records">Church Records</a>
<a href="Virginia Compiled Genealogies">Compiled Genealogies</a>
<a href="Virginia Directories">Directories</a>
Virginia Ethnic, Political, and Religious Groups
<a href="Virginia History">History</a>
<a href="Virginia Emigration and Immigration">Immigration Records and Passenger Lists</a>
<a href="Virginia Land and Property">Land Records</a>
<a href="Virginia Maps">Maps</a>
<a href="Virginia Military Records">Military Records</a>
General Records
Colonial Militia
Indian Wars, dates vary
<a href="Virginia Military Records">Military Records continued</a>
Revolutionary War, 1774-1783
War of 1812, 1812-1815
Mexican War, 1846-1848
Civil War, 1861-1865
Spanish-American War, 1898
World War I, 1917-1918
World War II, 1941-1945
Korean War, 1950-1953
Vietnam War, 1964-1972
<a href="Virginia Naturalization and Citizenship">Naturalization Records</a>
<a href="Virginia Newspapers">Newspapers</a>
<a href="Virginia Probate Records">Probate Records</a>
<a href="Virginia Societies">Societies</a>

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