Virginia's Richmond Howitzers

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Brief History


1st Company

accepted into Confederate service in June 1861.
Its members were recruited in Richmond.
After taking part in the Battle of First Manassas, the unit joined the Army of Northern Virginia and served in H. C. Cabell's Battalion.
It participated in various conflicts from Williamsburg to Cold Harbor, then was active in the Petersburg siege south and north of the James River and around Appomattox.
This battery contained 90 men at Gettysburg and surrendered with 12 on April 9, 1865.
Captains Edward S. McCarthy, William P. Palmer, and John C. Shields were in command.
R.M. Anderson's Company, Virginia Light Artillery

2nd Company

organized in May 1861, and for a time served in the 1st Regiment Virginia Artillery.
After becoming an independent command, it was assigned to J. T. Brown's, R. A. Hardaway's, and W. E. Cutshaw's Battalion of Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia.
The unit served from Seven Pines to Cold Harbor, then participated in the siege operations against Petersburg and the Appomattox Campaign.
It took 64 effectives to Gettysburg and surrendered with I officer and 45 men.
Commanders were John T. Brown, Henry Hudnall, and David Watson.
L.F. Jones' Company, Virginia Artillery

3rd Company

Formed at the Baptist Seminary, Richmond, Virginia, in June 1861.
It was attached to the 1st Regiment Virginia Artillery, then became an independent company.
The battery was assigned to J. T. Brown's and R. A. Hardaway's Battalion of Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia.
It served in the Richmond area, saw action from the Maryland Campaign to Cold Harbor, and participated in the siege operations against Richmond and the Appomattox Campaign.
At Gettysburg the unit had 62 men engaged, but many were captured at Sayler's Creek on April 6, 1865.
It was included in the surrender of the army.
Captains Edgar F. Moseley, Benjamin H. Smith, Jr., and Robert C. Stanard were in command.
B.H. Smith's Company, Virginia Light Artillery

4th Company

Binford's Company, Virginia Volunteers

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