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Västerbotten County was created in 1638 from the County of Norrland. It covered the Provinces of Västerbotten and the western part of Lappland and the entire area of Tornedalen. After the loss in the Finnish War in 1809, Sweden gave up Finland to Russia, including Västerbotten east of the Torne River and Muonio River. More changes came in 1810 with Nordmaling transferred to Västernorrland County. At the same time as a separation from the northern area forming Norrbotten. After some changes with municipalities in 1837, 1862, and 1869 Västerbottens boundaries have remained unchanged.

The county letters for Västerbotten are: AC


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Västerbotten has Tingslags instead of Härads. Through the years there has been variations in the Tingslag organization in Västerbotten. Because of this, the Tinglsag information is found on the parish pages instead of here. Click on the parish you need in the table below.


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