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*[[Genealogical Societies in Värmland, Sweden|Genealogical Societies]]
*[[Genealogical Societies in Värmland, Sweden|Genealogical Societies]]
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* 1890 parish map at: http://www.foark.umu.se/folk/s/karta.htm  
*1890 parish map at: http://www.foark.umu.se/folk/s/karta.htm
*Värmland Word List
*Värmland Word List

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Image of county shield here.


Värmland County was created in 1779 from the earlier Närkes och Värmlands County. Närke och Värmland County existed as a county between 1634 and 1779. Before 1634 Värmland was a province known as Värmland Province.

Värmland county borders Norway to the west, Kopparberg to the north, Västmanland and Örebro to the east, and Skaraborg and Älvsborg to the south. 

The county letter for Värmland is: S


A wiki article describing an online collection is found at:

Sweden, Varmland Church Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)

  • Värmland Word List


  • Fryksdals härad
  • Färnebo härad
  • Gillbergs härad
  • Grums härad
  • Jösse härad
  • Karlstads härad
  • Kils härad
  • Nordmarks härad
  • Nyeds härad
  • Näs härad
  • Visnums härad
  • Väse härad*
  • Älvdals härad
  • Ölme härad


  • (Latest news for research in Värmland here)


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  • Economy
  • Geography
  • Historical Timeline
  • Language
  • Military
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