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Societies generate genealogies, biographies, histories, and indexes of local records. They may publish periodicals, lists of members and ancestors, yearbooks, or surname indexes. Utah has many societies and associations interested in genealogical research and preserving history and records of Utah. Other groups are lineage societies for descendants of pioneers, soldiers, and ethnic groups.

Lineage and Hereditary Societies

The addresses for major lineage and genealogical societies in Utah are:

Daughters of Utah Pioneers

300 North Main
Salt Lake City, UT 84103
Telephone: 801-538-1050
Internet: http://www.dupinternational.org/

The Daughters of Utah Pioneers maintains a museum of pioneer memorabilia and a small library of family histories. Membership applications, showing members' genealogy, are available in their library. Yearly, they publish a volume about the history of Utah that includes biographies of pioneers and early residents of Utah, information about historical sites, and accounts of journeys across the ocean and plains. See Utah Biography's for information on their publications.

Sons of Utah Pioneers

Pioneer Historical Research Library
3301 East 2920 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
Telephone: 801-484-4441
Fax: 801-484-4442
Internet: http://www.historypreserved.com/Sons_of_Utah_Pioneers.htm

The Sons of Utah Pioneers maintains a library with histories, research books, compact discs, and family group sheets. A database of pioneers with biographical information is available and the society keeps files on the Mormon Battalion. Their library includes a Family History Center with FamilySearch. They publish the magazine Pioneer (see Utah Periodicals for more details.

Genealogical and Historical Societies

Utah Genealogical Society

Utah Genealogical Association (UGA)
PO Box 1144
Salt Lake City UT 84110
Telephone: 1-888-463-6842
Internet: http://www.infouga.org/site/

The Utah Genealogical Association is interested in worldwide genealogical research methodology. They issue pioneer certificates for anyone proving pioneer heritage in Utah. They publish The Crossroads quarterly. The "Periodicals" section of this outline gives further publication details.

Sons of the American Revolution

Some societies have published lists of members. These rosters may give genealogical and biographical information. One example for the Sons of the American Revolution is:

Ward, William R. Utah Society, Sons of the American Revolution, Roster of Members, 1895–1992. Salt Lake City, Utah: Utah Society, Sons of the American Revolution, 1992. (Family History Library book 979.2 C4uw.) This book lists the names of members and their patriot ancestors. Also, biographies are included for most members giving birth information, parents, spouse, and children.

Utah Jewish Genealogical Society (UJGS)

Internet: http://ujgs.org/

The Utah Jewish Genealogical Society is a non-profit organization, founded in 2002, to provide a forum for and assistance to members interested in researching their Jewish ancestors. UJGS offers research techniques, lectures, and films. Membership is open to anyone interested in Jewish genealogical research without regard to race, religion, or ethnic origin. All people with Jewish heritage and ancestry are welcome -- those identifying with Jews and those practicing other faiths, or no faith.

Finding other local societies

Local Societies. Some counties and towns in Utah also have local historical and genealogical societies. You can find local society addresses by using directories cited in the Societies page.

Records, publications, and biographies of members from the different groups are found in the Place Search of the Family History Library Catalog under:



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