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I noticed that you have added some gazetteer entries to the Suffolk parish Pages. I have been slowly adding to the Suffolk parish pages. Some guideline pages have been set up to help contributors.

    • Replaced the boilerplate text on parish pages from
Add a general overview of the history of this parish. It can be a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs. If it is a few sentences leave the expansion box in place to encourage a more lengthy history.
Ultimately this section should be written using multiple sources. Notable gazetteers should be listed in the 'Maps and Gazetteer' section and could include a brief extract of the entry..........

I notice that you have inadvertently removed the link to the Suffolk Gazetteers page. This page has links to numerous links to gazetteers for Suffolk that have all have parish descriptions and histories for every parish in Suffolk. If you remove the link to Suffolk Gazetteers from the Parish history Section it should be placed in the 'Maps and Gazetteer' section of the parish page.

Also Metfield, Suffolk offers and alternative way to enter links to Gazetteers. I have noticed that someone has already messed that page up. Now instead of contributing to the other pages I have to go back and fix other peoples mindlessness.

It is best we work together rather than be as islands to ourselves. Contact me at my talk page on how best we can work together rather than against each other. Donjgen 18:54, 22 December 2012 (UTC)