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Hi Lise. I'm Dorothy Horan and I met you during NGS. I work with NaDine, who left you a message below. I wonder if you know my Mom, Kay Cavender. Kay was the FHC director in Frederickburg, I believe, before Mom and Dad moved back here almost 5 years ago.

NaDine mentioned that I should check out your comments. You mentioned that you don't like the style guide where it is. Maybe I'm trying to do too much with it. I'm sort of trying to recruit and encourage folks to use the style guide. There is a second style guide reference at the end of the article, so I could just go with it.

We're also looking at changing the contribute template that appears at the top of the article.Is there anything that you can think of that could encourage folks to contribute? It amazes me that folks are afraid to change the wiki pages. Do you think the style guide actually discourages contributions?   

After reading Wilma's paragraph below, I'm wondering if you think that the Illinois State Genealogical Society would be interested in adopting this page to help give it more value?  

My contact info is:  I'm at 801-240-6125, or you can just write on my wiki page.

Dorothy Horan

Hill Lise -- I am the coordinator for all the United States FamilySearch Historical Records pages. I would like to have direct contact with you. Here is my contact information:
NaDine Timothy

office -- (801) 240-4487

cell -- (801) 347-3783

Thanks for adding information to the Illinois Cook County Vital Records (FamilySearch Historical Records) page. The page has been split into three pages. I tried to preserve all your comments from the original page.

Thanks. NaDine

Hi, Lise! I have recently joined the Community Services team and very much need to talk with you directly. My new assignment is with moderators and a very recent addition of "page adopters," which consists of societies and groups. You are the moderator for Illinois and the Illinois State Genealogical Society has "adopted" Illinois. So, you and I need to talk so a conversation can be started across the board to understand the differences, similarities, and overlap in the roles of moderators and page adopters and to promote encouragement and collaboration. This "page adopters" came from the recent FGS conference in Knoxville. My number is 801-240-4530, cell 801-641-1080. Thanks, Wilma AdkinsWH 16:43, 16 September 2010 (UTC)

Thanks, Mrs. Lembly, for the encouraging words about the Orange, California FHC and Periodicals pages. We have had a website for a few years, but the powers-that-be want them eliminated in favor of the wiki pages. So, we are trying to learn wiki-speak. :-)

At the Directors meeting earlier this year, we were told to try to use Riverton's site as a template, which I did not find helpfull at all.  At this time I am waiting for approval of an image (our logo) to put on the site. After I'm done, I hope ours will be a better "template", than Riverton's.  But, I'm still on a pretty steep learning curve.Jimmyk418 17:25, 12 August 2010 (UTC)

Sister Embley, thanks for catching my "Wikipedia" versus "FamilySearch Wiki" mistakes earlier today--I'll fix the boilerplate I'm using to avoid this problem in future gehringjg; 21 Apr 2010

Thanks, Sister Embley, for continually contributing to the Virginia portion of the Wiki. As the moderator for this section, I hope that you will continue your efforts. Wouldn't it be great if the Wiki could become the most comprehensive starting point for researchers?Gregorybean 04:23, 26 September 2009 (UTC)

Hi Lise

I miss you guys, but I'm serving a mission in FamilySearch support, working in new FamilySearch & Product Support. I was asked to be an MLA (Mission Lead Assistant) within a few weeks of coming out of training and that gave me several more meetings to attend during the week & one of them is right at the same time as the wiki group. I do get opportunity serving this mission to tell folks about the wiki and when appropriate to let patrons know about it as well, so that's a plus. I ought to review the meetings so I know what you folks are up to these days, but am not that organized yet. Retirement is good and I'm really enjoying the mission as well, although I'm not doing all the things I intended to do, at least portions of my day are spent in serving. The cats seem to enjoy me being at home too. Thanks for the shout-out and I'll try and keep in touch better. Laralee 04:03, 9 November 2010 (UTC)