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Jana:  Don't know if you realize you have three boxes at the top of ths page that all go to the same location called Parents.  Thought you would l9ke to now.  Elder Knox

Jana:  Have you seen the page called Utah?  Very similar to your page.  Might want to just looki at it.  Elder Knox

Elder Knox: Thank you for your interest. A version of the Utah page was brought into this sandbox for possible reconstruction purposes. As a member of the UtahWikiProject team, I was asked to come up with a "Beginner's Corner" graphical presentation for the top of that page with possible application to all state pages and or county pages. Feedback from the Community Meeting has caused the graphic boxes to undergo several drafts and I have made no attempt to maintain accurate links while the graphic decisions are being made. Some graphics are still waiting approval and have not been replaced with the present "space filler" graphics. Where a link should go can't be assertained until the graphic decisions are finalized; so for now the link code is just "filler" or "template" code. JanaStokes 05:26, 9 November 2012 (UTC)