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I have started to use the TOC and NOTOC on the webpages mentioned above. Those tags move and remove the contents box that is automatically generated when four or more headings appear on a page. Most of the pages are quite short right now so I am using NOTOC on the parish pages. The content box that is automatically generated often appears out of place.
I have put comment tags next to it so if someone edits the page they will know what the tags are for <!-- The tag __TOC__ allows one to move the contents box anywhere on the page. The Tag __NOTOC__ removes the contents box from the page-->

Area Conversion from Acres

Many of the areas noted in gazetteers and histories of parishes and other places are in acres. I have found a website that converts acres to square miles or square kilometers at metric Most people are more familar with how large a square mile or kilometer is than an acre. Such as 3592 acres = 5.6 square miles or 14.5 square kilometers

Huntingfield page

You've added a delete template to this page and I'll be happy to do that, but there are a couple pages linked to it and I'd appreciate if you would fix those and get them where you want them first.averyld 17:36, 19 November 2012 (UTC)