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Again, welcome! [[User:Ckwahlquist|Kara]] 14:55, 29 August 2010 (UTC) <br>
Again, welcome! [[User:Ckwahlquist|Kara]] 14:55, 29 August 2010 (UTC) <br>
Charles --
Here is the Wiki code for the county template of populated pages. This one is for Canyon County, Idaho, so you will have to change all the place names to the appropriate coded names. Just go to the Wikitext editor and you can see the code for the template. If you have questions, let me know.
I don't have the answer for the county map question. And I'm probably not the right person to ask. I've had others research the maps and add the map images. [[User:Jbparker|Jimmy B. Parker]] 02:44, 29 September 2010 (UTC)
{{US county navigation box
| county  = Canyon County
| state = Idaho
| collapse_state={{{collapse_state|autocollapsed}}}
| template_name = Canyon County, Idaho
| color = #ccf
| map_image = Id-canyon.png
| map_size = 100x100
| seat = Caldwell
| title1 = Cities
| body1  =
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Caldwell, Canyon County, Idaho|Caldwell}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Greenleaf, Idaho|Greenleaf}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Melba, Idaho|Melba}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Middleton, Idaho|Middleton}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Nampa, Idaho|Nampa}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Notus, Idaho|Notus}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Parma, Idaho|Parma}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Wilder, Idaho|Wilder}} }}
| title2 = Communities
| body2  =
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Allendale, Idaho|Bowmont}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Amsco, Idaho|Amsco}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Apple Valley, Idaho|Apple Valley}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Bowmont, Idaho|Bowmont}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Central Cove, Canyon County, Idaho|Central Cove}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Deal, Idaho|Deal}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Doles, Idaho|Doles}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Enrose, Idaho|Enrose}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Fargo, Idaho|Fargo}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Fischer, Idaho|Fischer}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Huston, Idaho|Huston}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Josephson, Idaho|Josephson}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Karcher Junction, Idaho|Karcher Junction}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Kings Corner, Idaho|Kings Corner}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Knowlton Heights, Idaho|Knowlton Heights}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Maddens, Idaho|Maddens}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Midway, Idaho|Middway}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Moss, Idaho|Moss}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Riverside, Idaho|Riverside}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Rookstool Corner, Idaho|Rookstool Corner}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Roswell, Idaho|Roswell}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Sand Hollow, Idaho|Sand Hollow}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Simplot, Idaho|Simplot}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Sunnyslope, Idaho|Sunnyslope}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Swartz Corner, Idaho|Swartz Corner}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Tiegs Corner, Idaho|Tiegs Corner}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Underkoflers Corner, Idaho|Underkoflers Corner}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Walters Ferry, Idaho|Walters Ferry}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Warrens, Idaho|Warrens}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Weitz, Idaho|Weitz}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Westma, Idaho|Westma}} }}
| title3 = Ghost Towns
| body3  =
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Bugtown, Idaho|Bugtown}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Fort Boise, Idaho|Fort Boise}} }}
| title4 = Neighboring Counties
| body4  =
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Ada County, Idaho|Ada}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Gem County, Idaho|Gem}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Owyhee County, Idaho|Owyhee}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Payette County, Idaho|Payette}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|'''Oregon county:'''}} }}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Malheur County, Oregon|Malheur}} }}
[[Category:Idaho county navigational boxes|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Canyon County, Idaho| ]]

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