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Purpose[edit | edit source]

This template would be used in articles to identify links contributed by other orgs and wikis. This represents one that may be used in the Finland Census article.

To learn more about these records see
Heinkikirjat at Arkistojen Portti, National Archives of Finland
Link provided by
|Partner Link Template Test File.jpg
|URL = [ Heinkikirjat]
|Site_name = Arkistojen Portti
|Organization = National Archives of Finland
|Logo_file = Partner Link Template Test File.jpg

Implementation[edit | edit source]

  • Recruited partners would only need to copy and paste the template code into a wiki article populating the four parameters in the sample code above.
  • Ideally the organization supplying the link to their internal content would also upload a logo for use in this link. This would require separate approval of the uploaded file.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This is a work in progress

  1. Once testing is completed the logo file needs to be deleted
  2. Add Alt_logo_text parameter to allow for text to identify the contributor if no Logo_file exists
  3. Documentation must be written
  4. Add category using Organization parameter to identify all links added by an organization
  5. Fix Logo_file section to center in space
  6. I don't like the capitalization of the word "Link" in the template name. Move it to /Template:Partner_link
  7. The color of the left margin border was an arbitrary choice. Final color should be selected from branding colors
  8. Placement of the link in a article is unresolved. Should it appear inline with the content? At the end of the section? In a separate section such as External Links or some other name?