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Sheri Lynn Lemon lives in Mendon, UT with her husband, Leon. They have 6 children & 17 grandchildren.


She graduated from Utah State University with a B.S. in Education.


  • Instructor and Associate Director of Training at Logan Utah Family History Center
  • Editor of the Center's weekly email newsletter.
  • Webmaster for the Center's webpage.
  • Written training manuals for three popular genealogy software programs
  • Developed training CD's and Reference Cards for Family History
  • Taught at numerous conferences and seminars.
  • Served a Church Service Support mission
  • Served on the UGA Board of Directors
  • Chairman of the Cache Valley Legacy User Group.

Surnames of Interest

  • Lemon, Kirkham, Thomas, Woodhouse
  • Grover, Patterson, Barber, Dalton
  • Robalik, Dill

Localities of Interest

  • Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina
  • Scotland, England
  • Hungary