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:Parley Pratt Sabin
:Parley Pratt Sabin
::Eliza Jane Sabin
::Eliza Jane Bates
::Octavia Gecosa Sims
::Octavia Gecosa Sims
::Sarah Cecilia Smith <br>
::Sarah Cecilia Smith <br>

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I have been doing genealogy and Family History for over 17 years now. I am indebted to many previous genealogists in my own family. I did not start from a blank form, I knew who my ancestors were, in some cases back to the 1600s.

The problem I found was, there was little or no documentation, so that is what I started doing. I quickly realized what I really wanted was a Family History, the story of my ancestors. To do that, I needed to document every reference I could find on my ancestors.

The greatest strength of the Family Search Wiki is that everybody can add in their two cents to made it better. But that also means things can begin to look a little haphazard. What I really like doing on the Wiki is to organize the information to make it clear and useful, which helps everyone.

If information is wrong or misleading, I remove it. And I eliminate duplicated information. Otherwise, I keep the previously added entries. I add my own information if I can. Then I format it, I particularly like bullet points. If anyone else has a better way, then go for it. Just make the information clear and useful.

I hope no one is offended by my editing of their efforts. I always try to keep in mind what I would have wanted to see when I was just starting out in genealogy. I do this editing for those who are new and don't know where to look. This wiki can be a great resource for them.


Mostly I have researched my Father's line. But now I research my Mother's and Wife's lines as well. Some of the surnames I am researching are the following

Spouse = Sandoval, Madrano
Mother = Tietjen, Cluff, Hatch, Kruger
Father = Sabin, Shumway, Smith, Dorwart

Will gladly share my histories for the following families. Just let me know -

Parley Pratt Sabin
Eliza Jane Bates
Octavia Gecosa Sims
Sarah Cecilia Smith
David Sabin
Elizabeth Dorwart
Anna Magdalena Baer
Josiah Sabin
Elizabeth Nichols
Lydia Cady
William Sabin
Mary Wright
Martha Allen

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