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We are the professional genealogy group with the time and experience to search archives in the Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, as well as Siberia, Moscow and St Petersbourg.

  • We know something about documenting births, marriages and deaths within different confessions across the former Russian Empire and the former Soviet Union.
  • We can frequently (but not always, unfortunately) create the fruitful reserch strategy when you eventually "hit the brick wall."
  • Be it nobility, clergy, or simple agriculture workers, we can frequently get up to 10 generations of the family.
  • We also like to work as a historical detectives -- we have recently discovered a number of cases of impersonations, fake documents in 1930s Russian community of Shanghai. We also managed to find the 1940s documents which show that the official "suicide" was in fact a killing.
  • We can get the files of people imprisonned and killed in Gulag in 1930s-1950s. Those documents, although not emotionally easy, shed the light on the small but interesting details of the life of our ancestors 60-80 years ago.

Moscow, Kiev and St Petersbourg are our bases, and we are free to travel whatever place needed to secure the source documents. We know how to read documents in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, German, Yiddish, Latin. We know how to work with estates and lawyers in the probate research and inheritance cases.

We do charge for services -- we need to feed our families too -- but the charges are very modest, services fast and efficient, and your love to your ancestors is very important to us.

Member of  Global Alliance of Genealogy Professionals

Drop us the e-mail info @,

or call us at the phone which is most convenient to you:

+1-202-821-4789 Washington, D.C.
+852-2127-0725 Hong Kong
+44-20-80995945 London
+7-499-500-7084 Moscow

Kirill Chashchin CFE


Russian Genealogical Project