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I have enjoyed family history research since 1995.  Part of my interest came because I am named after my two grandfathers, LeRay Sant Howell and Dean Albert Bullock.  From March to August 2007 I served as the Assistant Director of the Sandy Utah Crescent South Family History Center.  Then in August I was asked to serve as the Director.  I am priviledged to work there with so many dedicated people!

My fantastic husband and I have six wonderful children.  (For as awesome as my dead family is, my live family tops them all!)  I am a full-time homemaker.  In my spare time (HA!) I enjoy needlework -- cross-stitch, needlepoint, crochet, and hardanger -- and playing piano.  My dream vacation is to visit England, but we'll go there after hubby and I escape to Bora Bora.  :)


  • BGS, emphasis in Family History (BYU 2006)
  • UGA Fall Conference (2008)
  • ICAPGen Accreditation Mentoring Classes (2010)


Research Interests

  • Dean
  • Ingham
  • Oldfield
  • Nield
  • Hyde, Cheshire, England (and environs)
  • Denton, Lancashire, England (and environs)