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What is the Research Wiki?

The Research Wiki is a huge collection of short articles about how to find your family and where to look for information about finding ancestors.  The Research Wiki is an interactive network of linked information about genealogy. The Research Wiki has individual pages, those with content about genealogy are referred to as articles.

How can I use the Research Wiki?

You can use the Research Wiki if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

Are you looking for information about doing genealogy or family history?
Are you looking for information about finding a specific ancestor?
Do you need help organizing your research?
Do you need help finding a specific type of record?
Did you want to find out about the Research Wiki?

The Research Wiki provides resources to answer these and other similar questions about genealogical research.

How is the Research Wiki organized?

The Research Wiki has information in three major categories:

Information about the Research Wiki itself
Information about genealogical resources organized by location
Information about genealogical resources organized by subject matter

Relevant Research Wiki Articles:
FamilySearch Research Wiki: Why I Participate

How do I find information in the Research Wiki?

The Research Wiki is basically a searchable collection of articles about genealogy. You do this by entering search terms such as place names, types of source documents, or other words in the search boxes on nearly every page.

Here are some Research Wiki Articles on searching:

Search for Articles in the FamilySearch Research Wiki
Help:Basic Searches
Select Records to Search
What other information is in the Research Wiki?
There is really no limit as to the topics covered by the Research Wiki.

Entry tracks into the Research Wiki (Levels of interest and experience in the Research Wiki)

Needs Information about genealogy and how to do genealogical research

Experienced in genealogy, needs information about Research Wiki

Looking for specific content information, needs help finding the information

Understanding how the Wiki is organized

Basic organizational structures that help users find information

Search engine:  The Research Wiki has an integrated search engine that will search on any word or combination of words on any page. There is a search box on almost every page.
Categories:  Many pages have categories on the bottom of the page. You can click on a category to see related articles.
Namespaces: There is a general structure to the Research Wiki called Namespaces. Most of the articles are in the Main Namespace, but you can find additional resources in other namespaces.
Geographical linking:  Most of the articles in the Wiki are organized according to geographical jurisdiction and linked to related jurisdictions.
Subject headings: Try searching for a topic such as probate or vital records. Some of the articles are organized by topic.

Reference Links
FamilySearch Wiki:History of content organization, browsing, and categories