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Finding United States Marriage Records

  • Most marriages are recorded on the county level. Most counties began recording marriages when the county was formed.
  • Marriages recorded by state-level agencies vary widely by date and availability.

Questions to Ask About Marriage Records

When searching for a marriage record ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are records available for the dates when I would expect my ancestor to be getting married?
  • Is the database complete? Does it include all counties in the state?
  • Is the database an index only? Will I need to order a film to see the original marriage record?
  • Does the database contain images to the records which I can see online?
  • Have I looked beyond the marriage date and names of the bride and groom for more family information that the record may contain?
  • Does a different type of marriage record from the same county contain additional information about my family?

Learn more about U.S. Marriage Records

How to Start: Where Did the Marriage Occur?

To find a marriage record, choose the state where the marriage occurred:

Alabama flag.png  Alabama
Alaska flag.png  Alaska
Arizona flag.png  Arizona
Arkansas flag.png  Arkansas
California flag.png  California
Colorado flag.png  Colorado
Connecticut flag.png  Connecticut
Delaware flag.png  Delaware
District of Columbia flag.png  District of Columbia
Florida flag.png  Florida
Georgia flag.png  Georgia
Hawaii flag.png  Hawaii
Idaho flag.png  Idaho
Illinois flag.png  Illinois
Indiana flag.png  Indiana
Iowa flag.png  Iowa
Kansas flag.png  Kansas

Kentucky flag.png  Kentucky
Louisiana flag.png  Louisiana
Maine flag.png  Maine
Maryland flag.png  Maryland
Massachusetts flag.png  Massachusetts
Michigan flag.png  Michigan
Minnesota flag.png  Minnesota
Mississippi flag.png  Mississippi
Missouri flag.png  Missouri
Montana flag.png  Montana
Nebraska flag.png  Nebraska
Nevada flag.png  Nevada
New Hampshire flag.png  New Hampshire
New Jersey flag.png  New Jersey
New Mexico flag.png  New Mexico
New York flag.png  New York
North Carolina flag.png  North Carolina

North Dakota flag.png  North Dakota
Ohio flag.png  Ohio
Oklahoma flag.png  Oklahoma
Oregon flag.png  Oregon
Pennsylvania flag.png  Pennsylvania
Rhode Island flag.png  Rhode Island
South Carolina flag.png  South Carolina
South Dakota flag.png  South Dakota
Tennessee flag.png  Tennessee
Texas flag.png  Texas
Utah flag.png  Utah
Vermont flag.png  Vermont
Virginia flag.png  Virginia
Washington flag.png  Washington
West Virginia flag.png  West Virginia
Wisconsin flag.png  Wisconsin
Wyoming flag.png  Wyoming

What if you don't know the state? — Go to Estimating Marriage Information