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===Past projects and interests===
=== [[UserMannAE/PastProjects|Past projects and interests]]  ===

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Alan-mann.jpg  Alan Mann, AG®


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Alan E. Mann, AG®, is an accredited genealogist in England, and Australia. He is a senior research consultant in the Family History Library for FamilySearch. In the past, Alan has been a community manager for the FamilySearch Community Services team and the Information Services manager for the Family History Library. He taught British Research for BYU (History 412, 413, and 481) and various computer courses for Salt Lake Community College. Alan writes columns, reviews, and articles for several magazines, and presents around the country on the Internet and British research. Alan was a director of the Utah Genealogical Association (2004-2009), was program chair for GenTech 2000 in San Diego, and was co-founder and co-chair of the BYU Annual Computerized Genealogy Conference (1998-2002,2006-2010), which has now become the annual RootsTech conference.

Past projects and interests