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My name is Linda Hankins. I have two adult children and two granddaughters that live close by. Family is very important to me. I am new and very excited to be working in Family Search Wiki.

I enjoy many hobbies, such as collecting and identifying seashells, watching and identifying birds, basket making, netting and crocheting, and jewelry making. I also love dancing, swimming and snorkeling.

My career has always been as a caregiver. I started as a candy stripper, was a nurses aid for about two years, then became an LVN and then RN. My nursing was in the hospital and home. I am now retired from nursing. I am currently an In Home Support Service (IHSS) worker, providing care for one of my adult children. I used my RN license for 20 years, as an Early Intervention Specials (EIS) in an Early Start Program. As an EIS, I would go into the homes and work with the parents and children on child development or on their specific developmental needs.

My callings in the church has been ward missionary, Young Women's Presidency, Primary teacher, activities committee and Relief Society President. I must say, being the RS President was very rewarding and challenging at the same time. When I was Relief Society President, I did not find much time for Family History and am very excited to be doing it again.

My son and I did a lot of work in the cemeteries and online at Find A Grave. We would go to a cemetery, clean several headstones and then take pictures of the headstone. When I returned home, I would check to see if they were already in the system or not. If not, I created their memorial and downloaded the picture. Sometimes they had a memorial but no picture of the headstone, so I would add the picture. I have heard from many people, how happy they were to see a memorial for their loved one.