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New To the Wiki

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Wiki Contributor Quick Start

User Page[edit | edit source]

Create Your User Page:

• Help with your user page

• Go to your user page

Sandbox[edit | edit source]

Create Your Sandbox:

Community[edit | edit source]

Join the Community:

• You are invited to join the weekly Wiki Contributor's Meeting

• Join the Research Wiki Group on Yammer. Request an invitation to join:

Talk Page[edit | edit source]

Talk to another contributor:

• Click on the "History" tab of a Wiki locality or topic page to find contributors. Click on the "Talk" link and introduce yourself or leave a message for that contributor.

• Introduce yourself in the Research Wiki Group on Yammer.

Volunteer Userbox[edit | edit source]

Add a volunteer userbox to your user page.

Preferences[edit | edit source]

Set your preferences.

Watch Pages[edit | edit source]

Watch your favorite pages

• See video Watching Wiki Articles

• How to add a page to your watchlist