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<div><div style="position:absolute; font-size:19px; top:125px; left:670px; width:270px; padding-left:10px; background-color:#fff0d2; color:black; border:5px double #daa520 "><center><br>'''Wiki Support Center''' <div style="font-size:11px;"><br>The Support Team<br>[[User:Lindachappell/Sandbox#The_Full_Team|The Full Team]]<br>[[User:Lindachappell/Sandbox#The_Support_Missionaries|The Support Missionaries]]<br>[[User:Lindachappell/Sandbox#The_Content_Missionaries|The Content Missionaries]]<br>[[User:Lindachappell/Sandbox#Supervisors_and_Technical_Department|Supervisors and Technical Department]]<br><br>Meetings<br>[[User:Lindachappell/Sandbox#Thursday_Meetings|Thursday Meetings]]<br>[[User:Lindachappell/Sandbox#All_Meetings|All Meetings]]<br><br>[[User:Lindachappell/Sandbox#Maintenance|Maintenance]]<br>
[[File:Hub NewToWiki.jpg]]
[[User:Lindachappell/Sandbox#General_Maintenance|General Maintenance]]<br>
[[User:Lindachappell/Sandbox#Content_Maintenance|Content Maintenance]]<br><br>
[[User:Lindachappell/Sandbox#Patron_Requests|Patron Requests]]<br>
[[User:Lindachappell/Sandbox#Contributor_Connections|Contributor Connections]]<br>
[[User:Lindachappell/Sandbox#Advanced_Maintenance_and_Technical|Advanced Maintenance and Technical]]<br><br>
[[User:Lindachappell/Sandbox#Talk_with_Us|Talk with Us]]<br>
</div></center></div> </div>  
[[File:Hub NewToWiki.jpg|600px]]

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