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=== ''Assignment Chart'' ===
=== <br> ===
We need team members to volunteer to do these 170+ cities and towns, but we need you to volunteer for specific towns so we do not duplicate one another's work. Please review the list of towns in the chart below and sign up for the town for which you would like to volunteer by placing three tildes (&lt;nowiki&gt;[[User:Jenson1|Rorie K Jenson]]&lt;/nowiki&gt;) in the "Responsible Party" column. When you add information for a town, please add the date completed in the appropriate column. Also feel free to add remarks, if necessary.&lt;br&gt;
&lt;br&gt; <br>&lt;div style="padding-bottom: 1.4em; overflow-x: auto; overflow-y: hidden; width: 99%; border-right: rgb(221,221,221) 1px solid" id="imageContainer"&gt;<br>{| style="background-color: rgb(255,255,204)" border="1" cellpadding="5"<br>|-<br>| style="background: rgb(240,240,240); -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-size: auto auto" align="center" | '''Town or City''' <br>| style="background: rgb(240,240,240); -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-size: auto auto" align="center" | '''Responsible Party''' <br>| style="background: rgb(240,240,240); -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-size: auto auto" align="center" | '''Date Completed''' <br>| style="background: rgb(240,240,240); -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-size: auto auto" align="center" | '''Remarks'''<br>|-<br>| [[Aberdeen, Idaho|Aberdeen]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 12/01/2010 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Alameda, Idaho|Alameda]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| added isa link<br>|-<br>| [[Albion, Idaho|Albion]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 12/01/2010 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[American Falls, Idaho|American Falls]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 12/01/2010 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Ammon, Idaho|Ammon]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 12/01/2010 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Arco, Idaho|Arco]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 12/01/2010 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Arimo, Idaho|Arimo]] <br>| taylor <br>| 02/15/2011 <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Ashton, Idaho|Ashton]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Atlanta, Elmore County, Idaho|Atlanta]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 12/01/2010 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Atomic City, Idaho|Atomic City]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| no paper in&amp;nbsp; isa<br>|-<br>| [[Bancroft, Idaho|Bancroft]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Basalt, Idaho|Basalt]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Bellevue, Idaho|Bellevue]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 12/01/2010 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Blackfoot, Idaho|Blackfoot]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 12/01/2010 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Bliss, Idaho|Bliss]] <br>| lehuaneff <br>| 02/15/11 <br>| added link no newspaper in ISA<br>|-<br>| [[Bloomington, Idaho|Bloomixngton]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Boise, Idaho|Boise]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Bonanza, Custer County, Idaho|Bonanza]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 22:56, 3 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Bonners Ferry, Idaho|Bonners Ferry]]&lt;br&gt; <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 23:03, 3 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Bovill, Idaho|Bovill]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 23:07, 3 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Bruneau, Idaho|Bruneau]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Buhl, Idaho|Buhl]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 23:11, 3 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Burke, Shoshone County, Idaho|Burke]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 23:16, 3 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Burley, Idaho|Burley]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 18:09, 5 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Butte City, Idaho|Butte City]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| no newspaper in ISA<br>|-<br>| [[Caldwell, Idaho|Caldwell]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 18:17, 5 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Cambridge, Idaho|Cambridge]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 18:21, 5 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Carey, Idaho|Carey]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Cascade, Idaho|Cascade]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 18:44, 5 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Challis, Idaho|Challis]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 18:49, 5 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Chubbuck, Idaho|Chubbuck]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Clark Fork, Idaho|Clark Fork]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 18:52, 5 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Clifton, Idaho|Clifton]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Coeur d'Alene, Idaho|Coeur d'Alene]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 19:04, 5 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Corral, Idaho|Corral]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Cottonwood, Idaho|Cottonwood]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 19:25, 9 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Council, Idaho|Council]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Craigmont, Idaho|Craigmont]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 19:32, 9 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Crouch, Idaho|Crouch]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Custer, Custer County, Idaho|Custer]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 19:43, 9 December 2010 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Dayton, Idaho|Dayton]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[De Lamar, Idaho|De Lamar]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Deary, Idaho|Deary]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 21:37, 10 January 2011 (UTC) <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Declo, Idaho|Declo]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]]&amp;nbsp; <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] 21:45, 10 January 2011 (UTC)&amp;nbsp; <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Denver, Idaho County, Idaho|Denver]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[DeSmet, Benewah County, Idaho|DeSmet]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Donnelly, Idaho|Donnelly]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Dover, Idaho|Dover]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Downey, Idaho|Downey]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Driggs, Idaho|Driggs]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 31 December 2010 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Dubois, Idaho|Dubois]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Eagle, Idaho|Eagle]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 1 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Eagle City, Shoshone County, Idaho|Eagle City]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 1 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Eagle Rock, Bonneville County, Idaho|Eagle Rock]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 1 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[East Hope, Idaho|East Hope]] <br>| lehua <br>| completed <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Elk River, Clearwater County, Idaho|Elk River]] <br>| lehua <br>| completed <br>| added papers<br>|-<br>| [[Emmett, Idaho|Emmett]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 2 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Fairfield, Idaho|Fairfield]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 2 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Farragut, Kootenai County, Idaho|Farragut]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 2 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Ferdinand, Idaho County, Idaho|Ferdinand]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 2 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Fernwood, Benewah County, Idaho|Fernwood]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 2 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Filer, Idaho|Filer]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 2 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Firth, Idaho|Firth]] <br>| lehua <br>| 18 feb 2011 <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Florence, Idaho County, Idaho|Florence]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 2 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Fort Hall, Idaho|Fort Hall]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Franklin, Idaho|Franklin]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Fruitland, Idaho|Fruitland]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 2 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Fruitvale, Idaho|Fruitvale]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Garden City, Idaho|Garden City]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 3 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Gem, Shoshone County, Idaho|Gem]] <br>| lehua <br>| 18 feb 2011 <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Genesee, Idaho|Genesee]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 3 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Georgetown, Idaho|Georgetown]] <br>| lehua <br>| 18 feb 2011 <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Gibbonsville, Lemhi County, Idaho|Gibbonsville]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 3 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Gifford, Nez Perce County, Idaho|Gifford]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 3 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Glenns Ferry, Idaho|Glenns Ferry]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 3 January 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Gooding, Idaho|Gooding]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 1 Feb 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Grace, Idaho|Grace]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Grand View, Idaho|Grand View]] <br>| lehua <br>| 18 feb 2011 <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Grangeville, Idaho|Grangeville]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 1 Feb 2011 <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Greenleaf, Idaho|Greenleaf]] <br>| lehua <br>| 18 feb 2011 <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Greer, Idaho|Greer]] <br>| lehua <br>| 18 feb 2011 <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Hagerman, Idaho|Hagerman]] <br>| &lt;br&gt;[[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| &lt;br&gt;1 Feb 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Hailey, Idaho|Hailey]] <br>| &lt;br&gt;[[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| &lt;br&gt;1 Feb 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Hamer, Idaho|Hamer]] <br>| lehua&lt;br&gt; <br>| completed&lt;br&gt; <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Harrison, Kootenai County, Idaho|Harrison]] <br>| [[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| 1 Feb 2011 <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Hayden Lake, Idaho|Hayden Lake]] <br>| [[User:Jbparker|Jimmy B. Parker]]&lt;br&gt; <br>| 4 January 2011&lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Hazelton, Idaho|Hazelton]] <br>| &lt;br&gt;[[User:Jenson1|Jenson1]] <br>| &lt;br&gt;1 Feb 2011 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Heyburn, Idaho|Heyburn]] <br>| &lt;br&gt;lehua <br>| &lt;br&gt;18 feb 2011 <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Hill City, Idaho|Hill City]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt;completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Hollister, Twin Falls County, Idaho|Hollister]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Homedale, Idaho|Homedale]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Hope, Idaho|Hope]] <br>| &lt;br&gt;lehua <br>| &lt;br&gt;18 Feb 2011 <br>| added names<br>|-<br>| [[Horseshoe Bend, Idaho|Horseshoe Bend]] <br>| &lt;br&gt;lehua <br>| 18 Feb 2011 <br>| no paper in isa<br>|-<br>| [[Houston. Custer County, Idaho|Houston]] <br>| lehua <br>| 18 /Feb 2011 <br>| added names<br>|-<br>| [[Hunt, Jerome County, Idaho|Hunt]] <br>| lehua <br>| 18 Feb 2011 <br>| added names<br>|-<br>| [[Idaho City, Idaho|Idaho City]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| 02/06/2013 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Idaho Falls, Idaho|Idaho Falls]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Ilo, Lewis County, Idaho|Ilo]] <br>| jenson1 <br>| 2/06/2013 <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Inkom, Idaho|Inkom]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Iona, Idaho|Iona]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Irwin, Idaho|Irwin]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Island Park, Idaho|Island Park]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Jerome, Idaho|Jerome]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Juliaetta, Idaho|Juliaetta]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Kamiah, Idaho|Kamiah]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Kellogg, Idaho|Kellogg]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Kendrick, Idaho|Kendrick]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Ketchum, Idaho|Ketchum]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Kimberly, Idaho|Kimberly]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Kooskia, Idaho|Kooskia]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Kootenai, Idaho|Kootenai]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Kuna, Idaho|Kuna]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Lapwai, Idaho|Lapwai]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Lardo, Valley County, Idaho|Lardo]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Lava Hot Springs, Idaho|Lava Hot Springs]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Lewiston, Idaho|Lewiston]] <br>| <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Lewisville, Idaho|Lewisville]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Mackay, Idaho|Mackay]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Macks Inn, Idaho|Macks Inn]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Magic, Idaho|Magic]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Malad City, Idaho|Malad City]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Malta, Idaho|Malta]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Marsing, Idaho|Marsing]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[McCall, Idaho|McCall]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[McCammon, Idaho|McCammon]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Meadows, Idaho|Meadows]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Melba, Idaho|Melba]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Menan, Idaho|Menan]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Meridian, Idaho|Meridian]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Middleton, Idaho|Middleton]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Midvale, Idaho|Midvale]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Minidoka, Idaho|Minidoka]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Montpelier, Idaho|Montpelier]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Moore, Idaho|Moore]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Moscow, Idaho|Moscow]] <br>| <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Mountain Home, Idaho|Mountain Home]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Moyie Springs, Idaho|Moyie Springs]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Mud Lake, Idaho|Mud Lake]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Mullan, Shoshone County, Idaho|Mullan]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Murphy, Idaho|MurphyAshton]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Murray, Shoshone County, Idaho|Murray]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Nampa, Idaho|Nampa]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[New Meadows, Idaho|New Meadows]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[New Plymouth, Idaho|New Plymouth]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Nezperce, Idaho|Nezperce]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Notus, Idaho|Notus]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Oakley, Idaho|Oakley]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Oldtown, Idaho|Oldtown]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Orofino, Idaho|Orofino]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Osburn, Shoshone County, Idaho|Osburn]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Oxford, Idaho|Oxford]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Paris, Idaho|Paris]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Parma, Idaho|Parma]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Paul, Idaho|Paul]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Payette, Idaho|Payette]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Peck, Nez Perce County, Idaho|Peck]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Pierce, Idaho|Pierce]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Plummer, Idaho|Plummer]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Pocatello, Idaho|Pocatello]] <br>| <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Ponderay, Idaho|Ponderay]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Port Hill, Boundary County, Idaho|Port Hill]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Post Falls, Idaho|Post Falls]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Potlatch, Idaho|Potlatch]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Preston, Idaho|Preston]] <br>| <br>| &amp;gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Priest River, Idaho|Priest River]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Raft River, Idaho|Raft River]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Rathdrum, Kootenai County, Idaho|Rathdrum]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Rexburg, Idaho|Rexburg]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Richfield, Idaho|Richfield]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Rigby, Idaho|Rigby]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Riggins, Idaho|Riggins]] <br>| <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Ririe, Idaho|Ririe]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Roberts, Idaho|Roberts]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Rockland, Idaho|Rockland]] <br>| <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Rockville, Idaho|Rockville]] <br>| <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Roosevelt, Valley County, Idaho|Roosevelt]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Roseberry, Valley County, Idaho|Roseberry]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Rupert, Idaho|Rupert]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Saint Anthony, Idaho|Saint Anthony]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Salmon, Idaho|Salmon]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Salubria, Washington County, Idaho|Salubria]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Sandpoint, Idaho|Sandpoint]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Santa, Benewah County, Idaho|Santa]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Shelley, Idaho|Shelley]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Shoshone, Idaho|Shoshone]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Silver City, Idaho|Silver City]] <br>| [[User:Jbparker|Jimmy B. Parker]]&lt;br&gt; <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Smelterville, Shoshone County, Idaho|Smelterville]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Soda Springs, Idaho|Soda Springs]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| completed <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Soldier, Camas County, Idaho|Soldier]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[St. Charles, Idaho|St. Charles]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[St. Maries, Idaho|St. Maries]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Stanley, Idaho|Stanley]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Star, Idaho|Star]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Sterling, Bingham County, Idaho|Sterling]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Stibnite, Valley County, Idaho|Stibnite]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Strevell, Idaho|Strevell]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Sublett, Idaho|Sublett]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Sugar City, Idaho|Sugar City]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Sun Valley, Idaho|Sun Valley]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Swan Valley, Idaho|Swan Valley]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Sweet, Gem County, Idaho|Sweet]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Tensed, Idaho|Tensed]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Tetonia, Idaho|Tetonia]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Troy, Idaho|Troy]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Twin Falls, Idaho|Twin Falls]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Ucon, Idaho|Ucon]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Van Wyck, Valley County, Idaho|Van Wyck]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Victor, Idaho|Victor]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Vollmer, Lewis County, Idaho|Vollmer]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Wallace, Idaho|Wallace]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Wardner, Shoshone County, Idaho|Wardner]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Weippe, Idaho|Weippe]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Weiser, Idaho|Weiser]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Wendell, Idaho|Wendell]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Weston, Idaho|Weston]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Wilder, Idaho|Wilder]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Winchester, Idaho|Winchester]] <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| &lt;br&gt; <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Worley, Kootenai County, Idaho|Worley]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|-<br>| [[Yellow Pine, Valley County, Idaho|Yellow Pine]] <br>| <br>| <br>| <br>|}<br>&lt;/div&gt; <br>[[Category:WikiProject_Idaho|Tasks churches]]

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