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:*''Tina the Turtle and other stories by Logan Ballard'', (Provo, Utah:Heritage Makers, 2008, 25 pgs).  
:*''Tina the Turtle and other stories by Logan Ballard'', (Provo, Utah:Heritage Makers, 2008, 25 pgs).  
:*"Benjamin Kingman Curtis: His Civil War Service and His Family," (Sandy, Utah: LuLu.com, 2011)
:*"Benjamin Kingman Curtis: His Civil War Service and His Family," (Sandy, Utah: LuLu.com, 2011)
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===== My Sandbox Pages  =====
===== My Sandbox Pages  =====

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Fran works in Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact me via: My Talk page, Heart of Story Blog, Twitter, Facebook, GenealogyWise, SlideShare, or Lanyrd, or Find-A-Grave.

  • MPA, Brigham Young University, April 2000
  • BA in History, Brigham Young University, April 1992, Phi Kappi Phi and Honor Society
  • AA in Genealogy, Brigham Young University, August 1990, academic scholarship
Professional Experience
  • Deputy Chief Genealogical Officer, FamilySearch 2013-present
  • Social Media Manager, FamilySearch.org
  • FamilySearch Wiki Development, FamilySearch.org
  • Product Manager, FamilySearch.org
  • Extraction Supervisor, FamilySearch.org
  • User Specialist, FamilySearch.org
  • Product Support, FamilySearch.org
  • US/Canada Reference Consultant, Family History Library
  • Civil War Research Supervisor, Brigham Young University, College of Economics in conjunction with the Center for Population Economics, University of Chicago's "Early Indicators of Later Work Levels, Disease and Death" project under the direction of Robert Fogel.

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  • 2012 Ogden Family History Conference
  • 2012 BYU Family History Conference
  • 2011 Logan Family History Conference
  • 2011 BYU Family History Conference
  • 2010 Riverton FamilySearch Library
  • 2010 British Institute
  • 2010 BYU Family History Conference
  • 2009 Family History Expos, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 2007 Family History Expo, St. George, Utah

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Books and Articles:

  • A Dream Fulfilled, (Murray, Utah:Cherish Bound, Inc., 2005, 51 pgs).
  • Benjamin Kingman Curtis: History of Service in the Civil War (Civil War Volunteer, Michigan 5th Cavalry, Company B, (Sandy, Utah: self-published, 2000, 23 pgs).
  • "Blogging Your Ancestor Can Help in the Search: Benjamin Kingman Curtis," Curtis/s Chronicle: The Newsletter of The Curtis/s Family Society, Vol 32, No 4, Dec 2008, p7).
  • George and Rebecca Hartley: A history of their family and their ancestry, (Lehi, Utah: Cherish Bound, Inc., 2007, 422 pgs.) This publication includes a family history of George and Rebecca Hartley, their son Andrew and his wife Hannah Wadsworth, and their eight grandchildren. In addition, the ancestry of George and Andrew Hartley, Rebecca Richards, and Hannah Wadsworth, including the collateral relationships of cousins, aunts, and uncles. There are 307 photographs and 119 images of family artifacts included in the history. Restoration work was completed on all images by the author.
  • The Curtis Family Album, (Sandy, Utah: MyPublisher.com, 2010, 100 pgs) This is a full reproduction of the Curtis family antique photograph album that originally belonged to Mary Lavantia Curtis 1871-1958,  daughter of Benjamin Kingman Curtis and Sarah Lavantia Card.
  • Jacie Lee Kemp, our little bundle of joy, (Murray, Utah: Cherish Bound, Inc., 2004, 55 pgs).
  • Love in the 50's, (Lehi, Utah: Cherish Bound, Inc., 2008, 25 pgs).
  • Mommy and Me: a photographic history, (Sandy, Utah: MyPublisher.com, 2009, 100 pgs).
  • My Sister, Juliane Johansen Raleigh, (Lehi, Utah: Cherish Bound, Inc., 2005, 35 pgs).
  • Samantha Mitchell: All Star Karate 2001-2005, (Lehi, Utah: Cherish Bound, Inc., 2007, 69 pgs).
  • Savannah Elaine Jensen: My Blessing Day, (Provo, Utah: Heritage Makers, 21 pgs).
  • Steve and Crystal, 16 August 2007, (Sandy, Utah: Mac.com, 2007, 27 pgs).
  • Steve and Crystal: Our Engagement Story, (Sandy, Utah: Mac.com, 2008, 100 pgs).
  • "The History and the Future of the FamilySearch Research Wiki," Crossroads, (Salt Lake City, Utah: Utah Genealogical Association, March 2010, p. 167-170).
  • The Two of Us, (Lehi, Utah: Cherish Bound, Inc., 2007, 25 pgs).
  • Through the Years: holiday memories, (Murray, Utah: Cherish Bound, Inc., 2008, 25 pgs).
  • Tina the Turtle and other stories by Logan Ballard, (Provo, Utah:Heritage Makers, 2008, 25 pgs).
  • "Benjamin Kingman Curtis: His Civil War Service and His Family," (Sandy, Utah: LuLu.com, 2011)
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