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Probate Records of x county, Utah

Many types of records are creating during the probate process. Classic records include wills, and for those who died without a will, administration records. But there are also case files or estate packets, record books, minutes, registers of action, etc.

During the territorial time period (pre 1896) two probate courts were used: a county one and a Federal one. Records may be found in both. After 1896 the Federal court was replace by a state district court that had jurisdiction over a county probate court. Check Beaver county's parent counties for probate records prior to county formation in 1856.

See Utah Probate Records for state level compendiums that include x county, Utah and United States Probate Records for instructional resources.

Repositories surveyed for this stub article were: FHL catalog, Utah States Archives, Ancestry, FamilySearch Digital Collections and the holdings of the County Clerks Office at the x county courthouse as cited by the Handy Book for Genealogist and The Red Book (available on Ancestry).

You can build this page by visiting the County Clerks office [link to page containing all Utah county clerks contact website info and advice on how to determine an office's holdings when the clerk often don't know or have no interest in ascertaining what they have] and conducting a current survey of their probate holdings.

Electronically Searchable Resources

These are most likely to be found in state-level compediums. See Utah Probate Records.

Index & Abstracts

Salt Lake County, Index to Probate Case Files, 1852-1887. $

Record Books and Registers (Wills, Bonds, Letters, Inventory, Adm, and/or Probate)

There are many types of record books and registers; and the naming of them varies. Some of the common ones are Will Books and Letters of Administration Books; but a catalog listing of a "Record Book" may conceptually really be the "Will Book". Likewise a "Probate Book" may be just wills or just administration letters or even a mix of probate documents.

  • [1856-1897] Record Books (Beaver county). Utah State Archives Series 14893.
  • [1856-1877] Record Books (Box Elder). Utah State Archives 82970.
  • [1853-1928, 1928-1960, 1960-1966] Probate Register (Davis county). FHL 484369.
  • [1853-1896] Record Book. (Davis county). Utah State Archives Series 25014.
  • [1877-1966] Record of Wills. (Davis county) FHL.
  • [1896-1966] Probate records, orders & decrees (Davis county). FHL.
  • [1877-1895] Probate Bonds and Letters Record Book (Davis county). Utah State Archives Series 25014.

Probate Case Files/Estate Packets

Case files include all the documents related to a particular case; including: petitions, court orders, notices, decrees, and possibly also exhibits, wills and inventories. [1]

  • [1876-1894] Probate Case Files (Beaver county). Utah State Archives Series 26592.

Adoption & Guardianship

  • [1881-1966] Probate guardianship & adoptions (Davis county). FHL.

Dockets Books


  • [1859-1862] Minutes. (Cedar county). Utah State Archives Series 17493.

Register of Actions

  • [1883-1896] Estate Register of Actions (Davis county). Utah State Archives Series 25013.

Additional record types

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