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• 1940 census. Mike prepared first draft of a society recruiting plan. At the BCG reception last week on campus, 1940 idea notes were taken by the community on notepads on each table. There is a Google Doc containing the data regarding the state genealogical society presidents. Elder McBride will update Sugar with this information. CGO team now has valid, current contact information on each of the state societies
• Contextual Inquiry study & implementation. Darris finished the CI last week and was subsequently recruited for the logical prototype. He goes to LA this weekend; leaves Friday afternoon. Dawne will send Darris an e-copy of the signup sheet.
• Achieve 500 givers. Fran, Wilma, and Dawne presented the wiki at Logan. All three classes were packed -- at least 30 each. Five people signed up via the half sheets for the Utah project. Half of the recruits had heard of the wiki. Most of Fran's time during week preceding 10/18 was spent on the Logan class. Most people don't know about the wiki or where it's at or that it's part of FamilySearch. They also don't know what a wiki is. Even when we tell them that the wiki's on FamilySearch, they still ask if it's free. People want a copy of the presentation. Fran is going to upload it to SlideShare and link it from the wiki.
• RootsTech: class(es), booth & recognition
• Wiki product dev: supply info & testing needed for engineers to succeed. Scott Wood has scheduled a meeting with the Authorities team late this week.
• Hire FTE & contractor. Mike is working the HR end of hiring
• Measure service levels on community support roles. Measure output of each wikiproject
• Provide information to bolster wikiproject teams
• NIGS content
• Historical Records: Decide whether to merge our teams