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HawkBlade124 locally known as Benjamin Ira Fuller from Bountiful, UT 


Benjamin was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in April of 1991 in Lakeview Hospital while during a cold winter storm to the parents of John and Roxanne Fuller and he has a knack with computers, video games, building computers and the weather. How did he get such an interest and fascination with computers?

It is all thanks to his older brother, Mckenna. Ben started to be fascinated with computers when he was 5 years old, while watching his older brother play a computer game on the old windows 97 operating system. Now, he is an expert on the computer and doing all kinds of stuff on it. He has written books, modified a video game on the computer, created 3d characters, administrated on forums and worked on photos in photoshop.

While in JR. High, Ben received 2nd place in a video contest and then, he got first place in a photography contest for taking photos of fantastic sunsets! You may have seen some of his pictures on the KSL news weather forecast, and on the website,

He started developing his talents on the clarinet in 8th grade, with a wonderful band teacher. He loves playing the clarinet, because it gives him much comfort and joy when playing this wonderful instrument. In high school, he joined the Bountiful High school band when he was a sophomore and his teacher, Mr. Turnblom warmly accepted another clarinetist. While Ben was in his senior year in high school, he got a II- in the school competition (with a 1 being the highest) he practiced diligently and got a II+ in regionals.

Now he is serving an mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and works in the church office building doing wiki-stuff.

Publications are coming soon......