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*[http://broadcast.lds.org/eLearning/fhd/Community/en/FamilySearch/FamilyTree/pdf/familyTreeUserGuidelds.pdf Adding and Correcting Information about Pople and Relationships] Family Tree Reference Manual, Chapter 4  
*[http://broadcast.lds.org/eLearning/fhd/Community/en/FamilySearch/FamilyTree/pdf/familyTreeUserGuidelds.pdf Adding and Correcting Information about Pople and Relationships] Family Tree Reference Manual, Chapter 4  
*[http://broadcast.lds.org/eLearning/fhd/Community/en/FamilySearch/FamilyTree/pdf/familyTreeUserGuidelds.pdf Merging Duplicate Records] Family Tree Reference Manual, Chapter 9
*[http://broadcast.lds.org/eLearning/fhd/Community/en/FamilySearch/FamilyTree/pdf/familyTreeUserGuidelds.pdf Merging Duplicate Records] Family Tree Reference Manual, Chapter 9
*[http://broadcast.lds.org/eLearning/fhd/Community/en/FamilySearch/FamilyTree/pdf/familyTreeDuplicatesWhitepaper.pdf  Dealing with Duplicate Records of People in Family Tree] 6 pages
==== VITALS - Name, Birth, Christening, Death. Burial  ====
==== VITALS - Name, Birth, Christening, Death. Burial  ====

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  • familysearch.org [1] Main website, This is the place "enhanced" to learn about Family Search. It has five main parts before signing in and six with LDS sign in. They are 1.Sign In, 2.Family Search, 3.Family Tree, includes Tree, Person, Search and Watch List, 4.Photos, 5.Search and 6.Temple.
  • You must be signed in for most links to work. Some training videos, etc. are with these main parts.

TRAINING for Family Tree


1. Sign In - Sign In with username and password, or recover forgotten username or password, or create new account.Changes to "your name" when signed in. Setting (yours to edit). Source Box (for your Family Tree) and Sign Out

2. FamilySearch - Found in upper left, then Live Help and is also found in Help Center after clicking Get Help.  This is a Help Center page. It consists of A. Product Support, B. Research Assistance, C. Getting Started, D. Learning Center for browsing, E. Search all product support articles and F. Product Support FAQs.

A. Product Support

FamilySearch Account


Searching Records

Indexing - Every person matters. Help us in our efforts to input names from historical documents.

Family Tree

Photos and Stories

B. Research Assistance

1. Ask a specialist-General Research Help, Request Assistance

  • Different choices for requesting assistance from a community of researchers that are ready to assist you with your questions

2. Research Articles Wiki here - also in Family History Portal .Research and Searching WIKI

b.Create and/or Edit an Article

C. Getting Started with your family history

D. Learning Center

  • Family history articles, classes, videos and guides for genealogy resources by place, skill level, subject, format and language or 5 Minute Videos.
  • Become an online volunteer research consultant!  Register today

3. Family Tree -find collaborate and contribute information about your ancestors in Free worldwide tree. When clicked always comes back to person who signed in.

TREE - your own Family Tree/Fan Chart - choose one or the other.

  • From here you can see your ancestors or descendants or click on any person to go to their person page for details, photos and stories, search within the family tree for people, or see who you are watching, look through history of persons you have worked on or help another person with their tree.
  • Tree and Person share Search, Watch, History and Help Others. They are covered here.
  • Seeing Your Ancestors on a Pedigree Chart or Fan Chart Family Tree Reference Manual, Chapter 2

SEARCH: This deceased person search is within the Family Tree

WATCH/UNWATCH toggle to know what changes have been made to persons in the tree you are watching.

HISTORY - Select from list to easily select person you have been working with in your tree.  Lists the last 50 people you have clicked on.

HELP OTHERS- Log in to help them

PERSON - Click on name to go to Person Page. Summary box comes with DETAILS of that person as shown below to add, change, delete, find possible duplicates or merge.

VITALS - Name, Birth, Christening, Death. Burial

OTHER INFORMATION - Alternate names or events

FAMILY MEMBERS - As person with spouse and children or as child with parents

SOURCES - Sources as added by you or others

DISCUSSIONS - working with other users

ORDINANCES - applicable to LDS sign in

PHOTOS: - All photos for that person with an Add/Upload option to the person shown.

STORIES: All stories for that person with an Add/upload option to the person shown.

TOOLS includes POSSIBLE DUPICATES and soon will have PRINT options.

LATEST CHANGES you or others made are listed on this page.

4. Photos when "not" on person page

  • Add (My Photos) - Add one or multiple photos at a time. Shows all photos forall of your tree added by you and they upload to My Photos only - not to a person. 
  • Tag (My Photos) - Tag faces to identify the people in your photos. Click on picture to tag. 
  • Share ( Albums) - Create and share albums of ancestor's photos. Alphabetical listed albums of first name typed in - suggest use last name - with number of photos in that album. Click to see or create a new album. 
  • Connect(People )- Connect photos to ancestors to your family tree. If you did not connect when you first added photos, you can do so here.

5. Search Discover Your Deceased Ancestors. Search within the world wide family tree by name or ID number

Records - Records to search for sources for your family tree


Catalog - Search in Catalog

Books - Search books

WIKI - Quick link to Research Wiki

6. Temple - Finding, reserving and printing FOR

  • Shows list of Reserved, Shared, Printed and Opportunities of those in your tree that can be reserved.
  • Legend of stage of those reserved, shared, printed, etc.
  • A Reference Guide (LDS Version), Chapter 11 gives more guidelines