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== Professional Experience [[Image:Don Challis.png|right|Don Challis.png]]  ==
== Professional Experience [[Image:Don Challis.png|right|Don Challis.png]]  ==
35 years experience as Genealogist<br>  
45 years experience as Genealogist<br>  

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Professional Experience
Don Challis.png

45 years experience as Genealogist

  • Worked with Ancestry.com as an ExpertConnect Professional Researcher completing over 70 projects.
  • Presently serving on Executive Committee for Global Alliance
  • Extensive research of United States records of all types at Family History Library in Salt Lake City.
  • Member GeneaBloggers

Volunteer Experience

  • President, Challis Family Organization
  • Editor and compiler, The Robert Austin of Rhode Island Dbase for the AFAOA. I have the largest privately held Austin surname database.
  • Serving as Family History Consultant in Highland 5th Ward
  • Contributor to FamilySearch Wiki

Localities Covered

  • Paternal Ancestry Primarily in Essex and Northamptonshire England with extensive experience working in those areas.
  • Representing Utah for Global Alliance

Special Skills

Archives & Libraries Frequented

  • Family History Library. We live very near the LDS Family History Library and so have easy access to all their holdings.
  • Multiple online research sites

Services & Rates

  • Document search at Library in SLC - $25/hr
  • Research on ancestor lines - $25/hr or $175/day for 8-10 hours
  • Searches longer than 1 day require 50% deposit
  • Some searches will be done at reduced or no charge

Contact Information

E-mail  don_challis@yahoo.com

phone 801-756-1541

Professional Associations & Memberships