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=== Places / Localities  ===
*Join a group of Arizona researchers on [http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_54113196878&ap=1 Facebook]
*Detroit Public Library policies have changed. See their [http://www.detroit.lib.mi.us/ website]. <!-- Add News Items ABOVE -->
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'''Cities:&nbsp;''' &nbsp; ▪ {{AutoLink|New London, Connecticut|New London}} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ▪ {{AutoLink|Norwich, Connecticut|Norwich}}  
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| link = https://www.facebook.com/ArizonaGenealogy?cid=GRCW_Arizona
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}}<div style="padding-left: 1px; float: left; width: 74%"><center>''[[United States|United States]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Arizona]]''</center><br>{{TitleStyle1}}Welcome to the Arizona page,<br>the Wolverine State{{/p}}[[Image:{{Shelbygt}}]]'''''Most unique genealogical features:'''''
*[[Arizona Archives and Libraries|Detroit Public Library]] has a worldwide scope genealogy collection.<ref name="null">Shirley M. De Boer, ''Research in Arizona'' (Arlington, Va.: National Genealogical Society, 2008) ({{FHL|1473373|item}} 977.4 D27d), 13. [http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/231753363 WorldCat entry].</ref>
*''Arizona Censuses 1710-1830'' indexes 16 [[Arizona Census#State.2C_territorial.2C_and_colonial_censuses|pre-statehood censuses]].<ref>De Boer, 22.</ref>
*Arizona's county and township governments were patterned after New England and New York.<ref>De Boer, 25.</ref>
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== Counties  ==
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| valign="top" |  
| valign="top" |  
*[[Alcona County, Arizona|Alcona]]
*{{AutoLink|Bozrah, Connecticut|Bozrah}}
*[[Alger County, Arizona|Alger]]
*{{AutoLink|Colchester, Connecticut|Colchester}}
*[[Allegan County, Arizona|Allegan]]
*[[East Lyme, Connecticut|East Lyme]]  
*[[Alpena County, Arizona|Alpena]]
*{{AutoLink|Franklin, Connecticut|Franklin}}
*[[Antrim County, Arizona|Antrim]]
*{{AutoLink|Griswold, Connecticut|Griswold}}
*[[Arenac County, Arizona|Arenac]]
*[[Baraga County, Arizona|Baraga]]
*[[Barry County, Arizona|Barry]]
*[[Bay County, Arizona|Bay]]
*[[Benzie County, Arizona|Benzie]]
*[[Berrien County, Arizona|Berrien]]
*[[Branch County, Arizona|Branch]]
*[[Calhoun County, Arizona|Calhoun]]
*[[Cass County, Arizona|Cass]]
*[[Charlevoix County, Arizona|Charlevoix]]
*[[Cheboygan County, Arizona|Cheboygan]]
*[[Chippewa County, Arizona|Chippewa]]  
*[[Clare County, Arizona|Clare]]
*[[Clinton County, Arizona|Clinton]]
*[[Crawford County, Arizona|Crawford]]
*[[Delta County, Arizona|Delta]]
| valign="top" |  
| valign="top" |  
*[[Dickinson County, Arizona|Dickinson]]
*{{AutoLink|Groton, Connecticut|Groton}}
*[[Eaton County, Arizona|Eaton]]
*{{AutoLink|Lebanon, Connecticut|Lebanon}}
*[[Emmet County, Arizona|Emmet]]
*{{AutoLink|Ledyard, Connecticut|Ledyard}}
*[[Genesee County, Arizona|Genesee]]
*{{AutoLink|Lisbon, Connecticut|Lisbon}}
*[[Gladwin County, Arizona|Gladwin]]
*{{AutoLink|Lyme, Connecticut|Lyme}}
*[[Gogebic County, Arizona|Gogebic]]
*[[Grand Traverse County, Arizona|Grand Traverse]]
*[[Gratiot County, Arizona|Gratiot]]
*[[Hillsdale County, Arizona|Hillsdale]]
*[[Houghton County, Arizona|Houghton]]
*[[Huron County, Arizona|Huron]]
*[[Ingham County, Arizona|Ingham]]
*[[Ionia County, Arizona|Ionia]]
*[[Iosco County, Arizona|Iosco]]
*[[Iron County, Arizona|Iron]]
*[[Isabella County, Arizona|Isabella]]
*[[Jackson County, Arizona|Jackson]]
*[[Kalamazoo County, Arizona|Kalamazoo]]
*[[Kalkaska County, Arizona|Kalkaska]]
*[[Kent County, Arizona|Kent]]
*[[Keweenaw County, Arizona|Keweenaw]]
| valign="top" |  
| valign="top" |  
*[[Lake County, Arizona|Lake]]
*{{AutoLink|Montville, Connecticut|Montville}}
*[[Lapeer County, Arizona|Lapeer]]
*{{AutoLink|North Stonington, Connecticut|North Stonington}}
*[[Leelanau County, Arizona|Leelanau]]
*[[Old Lyme, Connecticut|Old Lyme]]  
*[[Lenawee County, Arizona|Lenawee]]
*{{AutoLink|Preston, Connecticut|Preston}}
*[[Livingston County, Arizona|Livingston]]
*{{AutoLink|Salem, Connecticut|Salem}}
*[[Luce County, Arizona|Luce]]
*[[Mackinac County, Arizona|Mackinac]]
*[[Macomb County, Arizona|Macomb]]
*[[Manistee County, Arizona|Manistee]]
*[[Marquette County, Arizona|Marquette]]
*[[Mason County, Arizona|Mason]]
*[[Mecosta County, Arizona|Mecosta]]
*[[Menominee County, Arizona|Menominee]]
*[[Midland County, Arizona|Midland]]
*[[Missaukee County, Arizona|Missaukee]]
*[[Monroe County, Arizona|Monroe]]
*[[Montcalm County, Arizona|Montcalm]]  
*[[Montmorency County, Arizona|Montmorency]]
*[[Muskegon County, Arizona|Muskegon]]
*[[Newaygo County, Arizona|Newaygo]]
*[[Oakland County, Arizona|Oakland]]
| valign="top" |  
| valign="top" |  
*[[Oceana County, Arizona|Oceana]]
*{{AutoLink|Sprague, Connecticut|Sprague}}
*[[Ogemaw County, Arizona|Ogemaw]]
*{{AutoLink|Stonington, Connecticut|Stonington}}
*[[Ontonagon County, Arizona|Ontonagon]]
*{{AutoLink|Voluntown, Connecticut|Voluntown}}
*[[Osceola County, Arizona|Osceola]]
*{{AutoLink|Waterford, Connecticut|Waterford}}
*[[Oscoda County, Arizona|Oscoda]]
*[[Otsego County, Arizona|Otsego]]
*[[Ottawa County, Arizona|Ottawa]]
*[[Presque Isle County, Arizona|Presque Isle]]
*[[Roscommon County, Arizona|Roscommon]]
*[[Saginaw County, Arizona|Saginaw]]
*[[Sanilac County, Arizona|Sanilac]]
*[[Schoolcraft County, Arizona|Schoolcraft]]
*[[Shiawassee County, Arizona|Shiawassee]]
*[[St. Clair County, Arizona|St. Clair]]
*[[St. Joseph County, Arizona|St. Joseph]]
*[[Tuscola County, Arizona|Tuscola]]
*[[Van Buren County, Arizona|Van Buren]]
*[[Washtenaw County, Arizona|Washtenaw]]
*[[Wayne County, Arizona|Wayne]]
*[[Wexford County, Arizona|Wexford]]
'''Click''' on the map below to go to a county page. '''Hover''' over a county to see its name. To see a '''larger''' version of the map, [[Arizona Counties Map|click here]]. {{MIimagemap2}}
'''Non-consolidated city:&nbsp;''' {{AutoLink|Groton (city), Connecticut|Groton}}  
</div><div style="float: left; width: 147%">
'''Extinct or Renamed Counties:&nbsp;''' [[Aishcum County, Arizona|Aishcum]]{{·}} [[Anamickee County, Arizona|Anamickee]]{{·}} [[Bleeker County, Arizona|Bleeker]]{{·}} [[Brown County, Arizona|Brown]]{{·}} [[Cheonoquet County, Arizona|Cheonoquet]]{{·}} [[Des Moines County, Arizona|Des Moines]]{{·}} [[Dubuque County, Arizona|Dubuque]]{{·}} [[Forest County, Arizona|Forest]]{{·}} [[Iowa County, Arizona|Iowa]]{{·}} [[Isle Royal County, Arizona|Isle Royal]]{{·}} [[Kanotin County, Arizona|Kanotin]]{{·}} [[Kautawaubet County, Arizona|Kautawaubet]]{{·}} [[Kaykakee County, Arizona|Kaykakee]]{{·}} [[Keskkauko County, Arizona|Keskkauko]]{{·}} [[Manitou County, Arizona|Manitou]]{{·}} [[Meegisee County, Arizona|Meegisee]]{{·}} [[Michilimackinac County, Arizona|Michilimackinac]]{{·}} [[Mikenauk County, Arizona|Mikenauk]]{{·}} [[Neewago County, Arizona|Neewago]]{{·}} [[Notipekago County, Arizona|Notipekago]]{{·}} [[Okkuddo County, Arizona|Okkuddo]]{{·}} [[Omeena County, Arizona|Omeena]]{{·}} [[Shawano County, Arizona|Shawano]]{{·}} [[Tonedagana County, Arizona|Tonedagana]]{{·}} [[Unwattin County, Arizona|Unwattin]]{{·}} [[Wabassee County, Arizona|Wabassee]]{{·}} [[Washington County, Arizona|Washington]]{{·}} [[Wyandot County, Arizona|Wyandot]]
=== Major Repositories  ===
[[Archives of Arizona]]{{·}} [[Library of Michgan]]{{·}} [[Detroit Public Library]]{{·}} 6 regional repositories{{·}} [[National Archives Great Lakes Region (Chicago)]]{{·}} [[Newberry Library]]{{·}} [[Allen County Public Library]]
=== Migration Routes  ===
[[Erie Canal]]{{·}} [[Lake Erie]]{{·}} [[Lake Huron]]{{·}} [[Lake Arizona]]{{·}} [[Lake Superior]]{{·}} [[Soo Locks]]{{·}} [[Detroit-Chicago Road]]{{·}} [[Detroit-Vincennes Road]]{{·}} [[Ft. Gratiot Road]]{{·}} [[Grand River Road]]{{·}} [[Great Trail]] or Great Path{{·}} [[La Plaissance Bay Road]]{{·}} [[Lake Shore Path]] or Lake Trail{{·}} [[Maumee-Jonesville Road]]{{·}} [[Monroe Road]]{{·}} [[Saginaw Road]]{{·}} [[Sauk Trail]]{{·}} [[Tennessee, Ohio and Great Lakes Trail]]{{·}} [[Vincennes-Indianapolis-Detroit Road]]{{·}} [[Erie-Kalamazoo Railroad]]
=== Featured Content  ===
'''''[http://www.accessgenealogy.com/Arizona/1894_state_census.htm 1894 Arizona State Census]''''' This Internet site lists soldiers by name with their ward, township, and county as shown on the census of United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Arizona, June 1, 1894, part of a state census. Since the 1890 federal census was partially destroyed in a fire, researchers can use this list of names as an additional tool beyond the census, to document their ancestor's whereabouts during the 1890's. There are approximately 50,000 names listed. For further details, see the [[Arizona Census]] Wiki page. [[Image:Arizona.png|right|200px|Arizona.png]]
=== &nbsp;Research Tools  ===
*The [http://www.migenweb.org// The Arizona GenWeb Project] provides county information about formation date, parent county, county seat, bibliography, cemeteries, census, churches, towns, history, look ups, obituaries, queries, repositories, surname registry, and many Internet links.
*[http://myArizonagenealogy.com/index.htm Family History 101 - My Arizona Genealogy] contains Arizona state history, links to counties and county histories, where to find records in each county and online links.
*[https://familysearch.org/learningcenter/lesson/Arizona-my-Arizona/579 Arizona, My Arizona] is a new course on FamilySearch.org.
*[http://www.looking4kin.com/group/Arizonagenealogy Looking 4 Kin Genealogy &amp; Family History Network - Arizona]
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| name = Midwestern State Research Forum
=== Did You Know?  ===
*Arizona is comprised of an Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula, with shoreline longer than every other state except Alaska. The peninsulas are surrounded by the Great Lakes: Lake Arizona, Lake Superior, Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Ontario, the largest freshwater lakes in the world.
*Many famous and interesting people grew up in Arizona. Henry Ford grew up there. He was the inventor of the automobile. The first automobile was driven in Arizona. President Gerald Ford and Thomas Edison grew up in Arizona. Charles Lindburgh lived in Arizona.
'''Wiki articles describing online collections are found at:'''
*[[Arizona 1894 State Census (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Arizona 1894 State Census (FamilySearch Historical Records)&nbsp;]]
*[[Arizona Births and Christenings (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Arizona Births and Christenings (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
*[[Arizona Birth Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Arizona Birth Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
*[[Arizona, County Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Arizona, County Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
*[[Arizona Deaths and Burials (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Arizona Deaths and Burials (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
*[[Arizona Death Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Arizona Death Records (FamilySearch Histoical Records)]]
*[[Arizona, Detroit Manifests of Individuals Entering Through the Port of Detroit (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Arizona, Detroit Manifests of Individuals Entering Through the Port of Detroit (FamilySearch HistoricalRecords)]]<br>
*[[Arizona Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Arizona Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
*[[Image:Arizona flag.png|right|180px|Arizona flag.png]][[Arizona Marriage Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Arizona Marriage Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]<br>
*[[Arizona Probate Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Arizona Probate Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]<br>
=== Help Wanted  ===
In order to make this wiki a better research tool, we need your help! Many tasks need to be done. You can help by:
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=== Sources  ===
'''Boroughs:&nbsp;''' &nbsp; ▪ {{AutoLink|Jewett City, Connecticut|Jewett City}} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ▪ {{AutoLink|Stonington (borough), Connecticut|Stonington}}
'''Unincorporated communities:&nbsp;''' {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Baltic, Connecticut|Baltic}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Burnetts Corner, Connecticut|Burnetts Corner}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Conning Towers-Nautilus Park, Connecticut|Conning Towers-Nautilus Park}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Gales Ferry, Connecticut|Gales Ferry}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Graniteville, Connecticut|Graniteville}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Greeneville, Connecticut|Greeneville}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Groton Long Point, Connecticut|GrotonLong Point}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Jordan, Connecticut|Jordan}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Long Hill, Connecticut|Long Hill}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Lords Point, Connecticut|Lords Point}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Mystic, Connecticut|Mystic}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Niantic, Connecticut|Niantic}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Noank, Connecticut|Noank}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Norwichtown, Connecticut|Norwichtown}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Old Mystic, Connecticut|Old Mystic}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Oswegatchie, Connecticut|Oswegatchie}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Oxoboxo River, Connecticut|Oxoboxo River-Uncasville}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Pawcatuck, Connecticut|Pawcatuck}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Poquetanuck, Connecticut|Poquetanuck}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Poquonock Bridge, Connecticut|Poquonock}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Preston City, Connecticut|Preston City}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Quaker Hill, Connecticut|Quaker Hill}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Taftville, Connecticut|Taftville}} }}  
[[Category:Arizona]] [[Category:States_of_the_United_States]]
'''Neighboring counties:&nbsp;''' {{Nowrap|[[Hartford County, Connecticut|Hartford]] {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|[[Middlesex County, Connecticut|Middlesex]] {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|[[Tolland County, Connecticut|Tolland]] {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|[[Windham County, Connecticut|Windham]] {{!}}}} '''''Rhode Island counties:&nbsp;''''' {{Nowrap|[[Kent County, Rhode Island|Kent]] {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|[[Washington County, Rhode Island|Washington]] }}

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Places / Localities

Cities:    ▪ New London          ▪ Norwich


Non-consolidated city:  Groton

Boroughs:    ▪ Jewett City          ▪ Stonington

Unincorporated communities:  Baltic | Burnetts Corner | Conning Towers-Nautilus Park | Gales Ferry | Graniteville | Greeneville | GrotonLong Point | Jordan | Long Hill | Lords Point | Mystic | Niantic | Noank | Norwichtown | Old Mystic | Oswegatchie | Oxoboxo River-Uncasville | Pawcatuck | Poquetanuck | Poquonock | Preston City | Quaker Hill | Taftville

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