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=== Places / Localities  ===
*Ancestry has digitized and indexed the 1892, 1915, 1925, and 1940 NY censuses. [http://corporate.ancestry.com/press/press-releases/2012/06/ancestry.com-offers-new-york-state-residents-free-access-to-newly-released-state-history-records-/ Read more].
*Join our group of New York researchers on [http://www.facebook.com/pages/England-Genealogy-Research-Community/183991398317906#!/pages/New-York-Genealogy-Research-Community/130185953722196 Facebook] & [[Join_a_Skype_Research_Community|Skype]]
*Ongoing NY State Archives Workshops in Albany [http://bit.ly/dlHinz Register now]
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| info = [https://www.familysearch.org/ask/gethelp?skill=newyork&cid=aaq_newyork_wiki '''Questions about<br>your New York research?''']<br>Contact our FamilySearch volunteer research assistants [https://www.familysearch.org/ask/gethelp?skill=newyork&cid=aaq_newyork_wiki with your questions today].
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}}<div style="padding-left: 1px; width: 74%; float: left;"><center>''[[United States]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png|go to]] [[New_York|New York]]''</center><br>
{| width="55%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" border="0" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"
'''Cities:&nbsp;''' &nbsp; ▪ {{AutoLink|New London, Connecticut|New London}} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ▪ {{AutoLink|Norwich, Connecticut|Norwich}}  
| valign="bottom" height="30" align="center" style="text-align: center; font-family: verdana; color: rgb(0, 51, 102); font-size: 150%;" colspan="2" | '''Welcome to New York,<br>the Empire State'''
| '''''Most unique genealogical features:'''''
*early NY records are in [[Netherlands]]
*NY/NJ combined probate 1702-1738
*NY town historians help genealogists
*At least 29 counties have unique [[New York Probate Records#Probate_Petitions_1830_to_Present|probate petitions]] with a list of heirs
== New York Counties  ==
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| valign="top" |  
*[[Albany County, New York|Albany]]
*{{AutoLink|Bozrah, Connecticut|Bozrah}}
*[[Allegany County, New York|Allegany]]
*{{AutoLink|Colchester, Connecticut|Colchester}}
*[[Bronx County, New York|Bronx]]
*[[East Lyme, Connecticut|East Lyme]]  
*[[Broome County, New York|Broome]]
*{{AutoLink|Franklin, Connecticut|Franklin}}
*[[Cattaraugus County, New York|Cattaraugus]]
*{{AutoLink|Griswold, Connecticut|Griswold}}
*[[Cayuga County, New York|Cayuga]]
*[[Chautauqua County, New York|Chautauqua]]
*[[Chemung County, New York|Chemung]]
*[[Chenango County, New York|Chenango]]
*[[Clinton County, New York|Clinton]]
*[[Columbia County, New York|Columbia]]
*[[Cortland County, New York|Cortland]]  
*[[Delaware County, New York|Delaware]]
*[[Dutchess County, New York|Dutchess]]
*[[Erie County, New York|Erie]]
*[[Essex County, New York|Essex]]
| valign="top" |  
| valign="top" |  
*[[Franklin County, New York|Franklin]]
*{{AutoLink|Groton, Connecticut|Groton}}
*[[Fulton County, New York|Fulton]]
*{{AutoLink|Lebanon, Connecticut|Lebanon}}
*[[Genesee County, New York|Genesee]]
*{{AutoLink|Ledyard, Connecticut|Ledyard}}
*[[Greene County, New York|Greene]]
*{{AutoLink|Lisbon, Connecticut|Lisbon}}
*[[Hamilton County, New York|Hamilton]]
*{{AutoLink|Lyme, Connecticut|Lyme}}
*[[Herkimer County, New York|Herkimer]]
*[[Jefferson County, New York|Jefferson]]
*[[Brooklyn, New York|Kings (Brooklyn)]]
*[[Lewis County, New York|Lewis]]
*[[Livingston County, New York|Livingston]]
*[[Madison County, New York|Madison]]
*[[Monroe County, New York|Monroe]]
*[[Montgomery County, New York|Montgomery]]
*[[Nassau County, New York|Nassau]]
*[[New York (Manhattan) County, New York|New York<br>(Manhattan)]]
| valign="top" |  
| valign="top" |  
*[[Niagara County, New York|Niagara]]
*{{AutoLink|Montville, Connecticut|Montville}}
*[[Oneida County, New York|Oneida]]
*{{AutoLink|North Stonington, Connecticut|North Stonington}}
*[[Onondaga County, New York|Onondaga]]
*[[Old Lyme, Connecticut|Old Lyme]]  
*[[Ontario County, New York|Ontario]]
*{{AutoLink|Preston, Connecticut|Preston}}
*[[Orange County, New York|Orange]]
*{{AutoLink|Salem, Connecticut|Salem}}
*[[Orleans County, New York|Orleans]]
*[[Oswego County, New York|Oswego]]
*[[Otsego County, New York|Otsego]]
*[[Putnam County, New York|Putnam]]
*[[Queens County, New York|Queens]]
*[[Rensselaer County, New York|Rensselaer]]  
*[[Richmond (Staten Island) County, New York|Richmond<br>(Staten Island)]]
*[[Rockland County, New York|Rockland]]
*[[St. Lawrence County, New York|Saint Lawrence]]
*[[Saratoga County, New York|Saratoga]]
| valign="top" |  
| valign="top" |  
*[[Schenectady County, New York|Schenectady]]
*{{AutoLink|Sprague, Connecticut|Sprague}}
*[[Schoharie County, New York|Schoharie]]
*{{AutoLink|Stonington, Connecticut|Stonington}}
*[[Schuyler County, New York|Schuyler]]
*{{AutoLink|Voluntown, Connecticut|Voluntown}}
*[[Seneca County, New York|Seneca]]
*{{AutoLink|Waterford, Connecticut|Waterford}}
*[[Steuben County, New York|Steuben]]
*[[Suffolk County, New York|Suffolk]]
*[[Sullivan County, New York|Sullivan]]
*[[Tioga County, New York|Tioga]]
*[[Tompkins County, New York|Tompkins]]
*[[Ulster County, New York|Ulster]]
*[[Warren County, New York|Warren]]
*[[Washington County, New York|Washington]]
*[[Wayne County, New York|Wayne]]
*[[Westchester County, New York|Westchester]]
*[[Wyoming County, New York|Wyoming]]
*[[Yates County, New York|Yates]]
| colspan="4" | ■ [[New York City, New York|New York City Research]] incl. Bronx{{·}}Kings{{·}}Manhattan{{·}}Queens{{·}}Richmond
'''Click''' on the map below to go to a county page. '''Hover''' over a county to see its name. To see a '''larger''' version of the map, [[New York Counties Map|click here]]. {{NYimagemap2}}
'''Non-consolidated city:&nbsp;''' {{AutoLink|Groton (city), Connecticut|Groton}}  
'''Extinct or Renamed Counties:&nbsp;''' '''[[New Netherland]]'''{{·}} [[Charlotte County, New York|Charlotte]]{{·}} [[Cornwall County, New York|Cornwall]]{{·}} [[Cumberland County, New York|Cumberland]]{{·}} [[Dukes County, New York|Dukes]] {{·}} [[Gloucester County, New York|Gloucester]]{{·}} [[Tryon County, New York|Tryon]]{{·}} [[Yorkshire County, New York|Yorkshire]]
=== Major Repositories  ===
[[Brooklyn Historical Society]]{{·}} [[Children's Aid Society]]{{·}} [[Cornell University Library]]{{·}} [[Montgomery County Department of History and Archives]]{{·}} [[National Archives Northeast Region (New York City)]]{{·}} [[New England Historic Genealogical Society]]{{·}} [[New York City Department of Records and Information Services]]{{·}} [[New York Foundling Hospital]]{{·}} [[New York Genealogical and Biographical Society]]{{·}} [[New York Historical Society]]{{·}} [[New York Public Library]]{{·}} [[New York State Archives]]{{·}} [[New York State Council of Genealogical Organizations]]{{·}} [[New York State Library]]{{·}} [[Stadsarchief Amsterdam]] (Amsterdam City Archives)
=== Migration Routes  ===
[[Ellis Island, Castle Garden, etc.]]{{·}} [[Atlantic Coast Ports]]{{·}} Lake Champlain{{·}} Lake Erie{{·}} Lake Ontario{{·}} Long Island Sound{{·}} Hudson River{{·}} Mowhawk River{{·}} St. Lawrence River{{·}} [[Chambly Canal]]{{·}} [[Champlain Canal]]{{·}} [[Delaware and Raritan Canal]]{{·}} [[Erie Canal]]{{·}} [[Albany Post Road]]{{·}} [[Catskill Turnpike]]{{·}} [[Forbidden Path]]{{·}} [[Great Genesee Road]]{{·}} [[Great Shamokin Path]]{{·}} [[Greenwood Road]]{{·}} [[Hudson River Path]]{{·}} [[King's Highway]] (or Boston Post Road){{·}} [[Lake Champlain Trail]]{{·}} [[Lake Shore Path]] (or Lake Trail){{·}} [[Lehigh and Lakawanna Paths]]{{·}} [[Minsi Path]]{{·}} [[Mohawk or Iroquois Trail]]{{·}} [[New York Turnpikes]]{{·}} [[Old Connecticut Path]]
'''Boroughs:&nbsp;''' &nbsp; ▪ {{AutoLink|Jewett City, Connecticut|Jewett City}} &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ▪ {{AutoLink|Stonington (borough), Connecticut|Stonington}}  
</div><div style="width: 147%; float: left;">
=== Did You Know?  ===
*There are more Irish in New York City than in Dublin, Ireland; more Italians in New York City than in Rome, Italy; and more Jews in New York City than in Tel Aviv, Israel.
*The Digital Collections of the New York States Archives includes [http://iarchives.nysed.gov/PubImageWeb/searchServlet Native American censuses] covering the reservations of the Tuscarora, Oneida, Onondaga, Buffalo Creek Seneca, Seneca of Cattaragus, Cayuga, Tonawanda and St. Regis Mohawk tribes. [[Image:New-york.png|right|200px|New-york.png]]
*Nearly one-third of all Revolutionary War battles took place in New York, including the battles of Long Island, Oriskany, Bennington, and Saratoga. During the Civil War, New York had 465,000 Union soldiers serve - more than any other state. For more information and resources on military records for New York, go to the [[New York Military Records|New York Military Records]] page.
*The earliest European settlers were from the [[Netherlands]].
=== Research Tools  ===
*[http://www.health.state.ny.us/vital_records/ New York State Health Department Vital Records] for obtaining births, marriages, and deaths '''outside New York City''' 1881-present; and all divorces after 1963; and adoption records.
*[http://ny-genes.blogspot.com/2008/02/how-to-obtain-copies-of-vital-records.html How to obtain copies of Vital Records for Genealogical Purposes in Upstate New York] a blog article describing the use of microfiche indexes 1881-present in NY prior to ordering from the State Health Dept.
*[http://www.ellisisland.org/ Ellis Island Immigration Record Search] New York City passenger arrival lists index 1892-1924. For a more advanced search engine helpful for east Europeans see [http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/eidb/ellisgold.html? Ellis Island in One Step].
*[http://www.castlegarden.org/ Castle Garden Immigration Index] New York City passenger arrival lists index 1820-1892. For a more advanced search engine helpful for east Europeans see [http://www.stevemorse.org/ellis/cg.html?firstkind=close&FNM=&lastkind=starts&LNM= Castle Garden in One Step].
*[http://www.newyorkancestors.org/ New York Ancestors] NEHGS's New York databases and articles about probate, census, tax, cemeteries, church, court, and vital records, genealogy and biography.
*[http://www.newyorkfamilyhistory.org/modules.php?name=Sections&op=listarticles&secid=8 New York Genealogical and Biographical Society Research Aids] (for NYGBS members only) digitized ''New York Genealogical and Biographical Record ''(complete series), plus over 100 articles, bibliographies, and research tips.
*[http://www.fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html FultonHistory.com] - New York State historical newspaper archives and search engine.
*[http://www.nyfamilyhistory.com/index.htm New York Family History] - Mostly New York City and Long Island links and addresses to churches, cemeteries, vital records, and societies.
*[[New York County Creation Dates and Parent Counties|New York county creation dates and parent counties]].
'''Online indexes and records in FamilySearch Historical Record Collections'''
'''''Statewide vital records'''''
*{{HistRecColl|1680842|collection|New York Births and Christenings, 1640-1962}}
*{{HistRecColl|1618491|collection|New York, County Marriages, 1908-1935}}
*{{HistRecColl|1680846|collection|New York Deaths and Burials, 1795-1952}}
*{{HistRecColl|1680847|collection|New York Marriages, 1686-1980}}
'''''Passenger arrival lists'''''
*{{HistRecColl|1919703|collection|New York, New York, '''Index''' to Passenger Lists, 1820-1846}}
*{{HistRecColl|1849782|collection|New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891}}
*{{HistRecColl|1368704|collection|New York Passenger Arrival Lists (Ellis Island), 1892-1924}}
*{{HistRecColl|1923888|collection|New York, New York Passenger and Crew Lists, 1925-1942}}
*{{HistRecColl|1876434|collection|New York, Northern Arrival Manifests, 1902-1956}}
'''''Statewide probate records'''''
*{{HistRecColl|1920234|collection|New York, Probate Records, 1629-1971}}
*[[New York, Queens County Probate Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)|New York, Queens County Probate Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]<br>
=== Help Expand the Wiki  ===
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{{featured article}}  
'''Unincorporated communities:&nbsp;''' {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Baltic, Connecticut|Baltic}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Burnetts Corner, Connecticut|Burnetts Corner}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Conning Towers-Nautilus Park, Connecticut|Conning Towers-Nautilus Park}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Gales Ferry, Connecticut|Gales Ferry}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Graniteville, Connecticut|Graniteville}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Greeneville, Connecticut|Greeneville}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Groton Long Point, Connecticut|GrotonLong Point}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Jordan, Connecticut|Jordan}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Long Hill, Connecticut|Long Hill}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Lords Point, Connecticut|Lords Point}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Mystic, Connecticut|Mystic}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Niantic, Connecticut|Niantic}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Noank, Connecticut|Noank}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Norwichtown, Connecticut|Norwichtown}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Old Mystic, Connecticut|Old Mystic}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Oswegatchie, Connecticut|Oswegatchie}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Oxoboxo River, Connecticut|Oxoboxo River-Uncasville}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Pawcatuck, Connecticut|Pawcatuck}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Poquetanuck, Connecticut|Poquetanuck}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Poquonock Bridge, Connecticut|Poquonock}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Preston City, Connecticut|Preston City}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Quaker Hill, Connecticut|Quaker Hill}} {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Taftville, Connecticut|Taftville}} }}
[[Category:New_York]] [[Category:States_of_the_United_States]]
'''Neighboring counties:&nbsp;''' {{Nowrap|[[Hartford County, Connecticut|Hartford]] {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|[[Middlesex County, Connecticut|Middlesex]] {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|[[Tolland County, Connecticut|Tolland]] {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|[[Windham County, Connecticut|Windham]] {{!}}}} '''''Rhode Island counties:&nbsp;''''' {{Nowrap|[[Kent County, Rhode Island|Kent]] {{!}}}} {{Nowrap|[[Washington County, Rhode Island|Washington]] }}

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