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I am a church service missionary at the Family History Library in Salt Lake. I have been doing genealogy for 4 years and am eager to learn more about the research process so I can help myself and the patrons who visit the library.


Missionary Wiki Projects

29 Jul 2010

Met with David Dilts.  He showed me how to find non-copyrighted images by going to Creative Commons and flickr.  Before using one of their images, I need to check the creative use license.  I can submit my own photos as long as I give permission for use.  I was showed how to do that and David loaded some legal jargon onto my flash under Wiki and Images.  After choosing a photo, I click on it to make it the biggest file size then save as to the computer.  Then on the Wiki page I choose "Upload file", browse and find it and open.  Fill out the form that pops up, I can use the legal jargon to help me. 

We choose a new project for me.  I'm going to help out in the state of Tennessee.  I'll be clicking onto each county from the navigation bar at the bottom and checking the footnotes for that county.  If there are books, check to make sure the book titles are linked to World Cat.  Put the title in Italics and add a FHL if there is one.  To edit a footnote, I first click on the up arrow before the citation.  Then I click on edit at the top of the page.  Click the <R> in the text and then the <R> at the top.  This brings up an edit box showing the footnote.  Paste the url before the title and add space after URL "[url (space) title]" If it needs to be italizied add 2 ' before title and 2 after.    When copying a URL, copy all the information before the &.  & cause big problems in Wiki.  I can even cut out some of the codes in the URL to make it smaller and neater.  http://worldcat/oclc#   That's all I need.

I started the project so I could remember what I'd been taught.  Discovered that most of the counties didn't have Handy Book linked to World Cat.  So I'm going through all the counties and doing their Handy Book links.  Then I'll start over and look at all the books in each county.  By doing it this way I save time because I don't have to keep copying the URL.  Next time, copy this URL


and finish with those counties after Davidson.  Make sure the World Cat is 10th ed. -- add a space after the URL and add the last ] after the title, but before the [ ],   Remember to make sure title in italics. 

Another tip:  When copying down the URL, copy the whole thing.  Then take care of deleting the "& stuff" after I've pasted it in the edit box.  It's easier to delete what I don't want, then try and copy only part of a URL from its home page.



Oct. 21, 2010

Finished adding WC links to Tennessee,  (Handy Book).  Added the WorldCat/FHL links to each summary.  Started in Illinois.  Have the Handy Book with me.  Started over in Ill. and added references with the Handy Book page.  NEXT TIME:  Start on Jefferson Co. page 195 in Handy Book.  REMEMBER TO ADD WorldCat/FHL links.  By the way, the highlight and drag works wonderfully!  Now it's on to Marilyn's Civil War Project.  Finished making a page for each regiment.  Didn't make one of the last, because it doesn't have any information.  I'll have to see if it needs a page also.  Started back into the histories.  I'm adding Record Online links to the different reg.

28 Oct 2010

Didn't get a chance to work on Wiki at the library today, I ended up helping with a new FamilySearch class for new missionaries.  Worked on the Record Search links audit at home for about an hour.  Made it through Delaware.  We are checking links on the Record Search to make sure it takes us to a wiki page, and then the link on the wiki page to make sure it takes us to Beta.

4 Nov 2010

Worked on checking beta record search links for an hour.  Then worked on finding Civil War links for Minnesota Reg.  I'm at the 7th regiment.  Found several sites that I added to all the regiments.  Ask Marilyn if the Civil War Index is OK site.  They are asking for donations to use it.  Ran out of time to work on Diltz project. 

8 Nov 2010

Worked on beta wiki project.  Finished all the states up to and including Texas.  Sent Gina copy of excell page, what I've done so far.  Came back later and finished all the states.  Started on the countries.  Next time, start on Finland.

9 Nov 2010

Worked on Art's Civil War pages and started at bottom and moved up.  Forgot to tell him about inserting the reg. name in the page info.  Went over all he'd done and inserted.  Now I'll continue to work on the beta project.  See if I can get it done before pilot is changed. Finished up to and including the Netherlands.

11 Nov 2010

Caught Marilyn.  I'm to add a bread crumb trail to each of my regiment pages.  Copy from the 1st regiment.  (The blue links at the top.)  Make each of the 3 headings into heading 3.  Put books about the regimental histories under the 1st heading.  Take out the name of the Regiment in the County of Origin title and just add "in this regiment".  

Put the title of the book, author and publishing info.  After make any links to

Google book.  Internet Archives.  Libraries with this book.  (World Cat) and FHL Collection.  Marilyn will have to show me how to do the FHL Collection.  See the 1st Regiment of Minnesota to see how I did all of that with the books.    Then put the Websites under the Source Material headings. 

Ohio in the Civil War   96th Regiment is a good place to see how to do all of this. 

When looking for books try  Google books.  Internet Archives and World book, along with the FHL for each title to see if it's in more than one place.  The key is to find digitized books, so if it doesn't show up on Google, don't use it. 

Copy and paste the information on the sandbox page, under each reg. into the Brief history section on the Reg. page.  Add a few words to make it a narrative.  See what I did in 1st reg. Minnesota page.

Go to Sandbox:CW1861 and copy that information into regiment pages.  Put it into wiki text. 

Redoing all the pages and adding the info from CW1861.  When begin again, check the 3rd reg.  Copy from one of my regiments that are done.  Remember to add the name of the Regiment to the bread crumb trail.

Nov 18, 2010

Worked on Diltz project.  Got to Monroe.  Next time copy info from Monroe.  It starts on page 197 in Handy Book (Make sure it says p. 197)  Richland starts page 198 and Warren starts page 199 to the end.

Worked on Civil War pages for Art and myself.  Found a great Minnesota book that has histories and rosters.  Added it, with links to Internet Archives at the end of the Sandbox:CW1954 page.  Add it to all the regiments.  Must look and make sure each is in it first.

Nov 19, 2010

Found a great book on called Minnesota in the Civil War: and Illiustrated History.  Added its link to all the regiments.  Then added the Soldiers and Sailors link to all the regiments.  I need to add the brief history to all of them next.

Today I learned to propose a delete type 2{{then the word delete inside the {{ then end in two } Give a reason.  end with Dcragun 17:04, 23 November 2010 (UTC) which puts my name on it. (If I type in the actual symbol it puts a delete form on my page.)

Go to Sandbox:CW1865 and pay attention to the source citations Marilyn made.  After a website name put a , (accessed date) then the rest of the sentence.  If a complete sentence is after the website, put a . after the website. 

9 Dec 2010

I'm so confused about how to correctly site a book.  The sandbox pages gives instructions but when it gives a sample it doesn't follow the instructions.     Is this the right way for the Civil War Book?

Carley, Kenneth, and Richard Moe. Minnesota in the Civil War: An Illustrated History. (Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2000). Book of battle histories, photographs, short biographies and a roster of the different regiments with their officers, beginning on page 204. Google book (Not all pages are shown). WorldCat book.    (It doesn't have a publication place.)

16th Dec

Marilyn asked me to make pages for Illinois starting with 50 and go to 100 reg.  I've done that.  Now I'm copying my regiments on Illinois in the Civil War page. Check with Marilyn


30 Dec

Worked on regiments 77 through 100.  Have them all pasted onto the Illinois in the Civil War Page.  Have linked to page 85 and added brief histories, links to wikipedia and civil war archives.  Have added the company paragraph to all pages up to 100.

4 Jan 2011

Companies in the counties.  100th regiment in Ohio has examples.    85th regiment has the new added footnote and Category.  Use it as a reference.  Go back and change Minnesota and Illinois.

6 Jan 2011

Finished up to 100 putting in the footnotes and basic website info.  Then moved to Minnesota and finished adding the reference heading to all the reg.  Next time add the foot notes to the Minnesota reg.

11 Jan 2011

Finished adding footnotes into the Minnesota regiments.  Started on the 50th reg. of Illinois and added books from the FHL.  As I find one, I'm also looking on world cat and google books. Have two more to do in the 50th.

16 Jan 2011

Found a film that works for all the regiments in Illinois.  When finished adding it, see if it applies to Minnesota and add it.

  • United States. War Department. Record and Pension Office. Compiled Records Showing Service of Military Units in Volunteer Union Organizations. (Washington, District of Columbia&nbsp;: The National Archives, c1964).FHL Collection&nbsp;59th-64th Infantry FHL US/CAN Film 1488476 . Other libraries with this microfilm.<br>

Make sure I change the film numbers as it progresses up the scale.

When a red site creates itself, go into wiki text and remove one of the [ ]  It will create 2 on each side which creates a page.  EX.  [ [ xxxxxxxx] ].

Jan 20, 2010

Check 101st infantry.  Dhorn added my books, which might be ok if she's using it as a template, but some of the books won't match her infantries.  Check to see if it's still that way, then tell Marilyn.

Added internet archives links to reg. 70-100.  Next time start on 55 and go to 69, adding internet archives link.  Redo the whole citation.

  • United States. War Department. Record and Pension Office. Compiled Records Showing Service of Military Units in Volunteer Union Organizations. (Washington, District of Columbia&nbsp;: The National Archives, c1964).FHL Collection&nbsp;54th-58th&nbsp;Infantry FHL US/CAN Film 148877. Other libraries with this microfilm. View online at Internet Archives. <br>

Change the reg. numbers and film # when get to Reg. 59.

Jan 25

Go to New York Reg. 121.  That page is done and that's how ours needs to look.

To find the compiled records homepage, click on one of me links, go to TEXT tabs and paste in Union Compiled Service records plus all media types in the next box.

Jan 27, added same book to 1-3 regiments in Minnesota.  Had a hard time figuring out which reg. it covered.  Next time, start on 4th regiments, use FHL film # 1488543.

Feb 1

Add |display=FHL Collection}} to my FHL books.  Check the 68th or 70th for sample.  I am adding a book from the archives, check 68th reg for wiki text.

Feb 3

I am on the 64th reg finding FHL books.  I need to add the world cat and internet archives to the last book, huge title.  Remember to add the display info to FHL.

Feb 15

Finish the last 75th reg. book, needs FHL link and other libraries.

Feb 17

Added books up to the 84th reg.  Then went online and found the gold mine website.  Find it on Reg. 50.  called Illinois Civil War Register.

Feb 18

Working on Historical Records project.  Adding Western States site to the western states.  Start with Montana.   Added goldmine to Illinois.  Next time start on Reg. 66.  Can change to the latest page by changing reg number in the URL.

Feb 24

Internal link to county.  Type in County name, click on Adams County , add

Adams_County,_Illinois#Military (in the link box)

Mar 1

How to add a footnote reference

Go to wiki text.[1]


  1. National Park Service

Next time, continue working on 51st company links.  Need to finish counties and add the roster page links.  50th is done.

Shorten the URL    Paste the big URL in that.  Make TinyURL  THen copy that for wiki.  Go to world cat for citation.  Top right.

July 14 --

Next time, start on Illinois Regiment 36.  Be sure and change the links to the Roster.  It is now going to be in Vol. 3.

Jul 18

Next time, start on Illinois Regiment 39.  Then go back and add a few books to these regiments and web sites.  I don't think I've done that yet.

Jul 26

Added civil war archives and Wikipedia links under Brief History to regs. 30-39. Looked for books and added them to 30-39. Found a great site, the genweb civil war scrapbook. Started adding it to regs 30-40. Need to add it to almost all of the regs. Some regs. Not on site.

  • The ILGenWeb Civil War Scrapbook, (accessed 26 July 2011) contains links to various documents such as personal letters, military papers, articles, histories, obituaries, biographies, etc. Documents are listed by regiment, then by the soldier and his company.<br>

  • Aug 9
  • Added IlGenWeb link to regs. 40-65.  (66-69 not on site) Marilyn wants me to see how much of Illinois I can get done before the conference.  So, I'm to put in the rest of the information and link to the county web site and the roster pages.  She will add the internal links to the wiki county pages.  I started on Reg. 20 and finished up to 25.  Next time, start on 26.
  • Aug 10
  • Finished 20-30.  Started on 1st Calvary, finally found it in Vol. 7 of the adjutant report.  Can't find info on Illinois civil war pages for some of the light artilary regs.  Need to ask Marilyn about them. NOTE the 6th calvary starts on vol. 8.  THE ARTILLERY strts on page 597, vol 8!  To SPEED things up, go to 4 pages per view, I'll find the roster pages easier.
  • Aug 16    Added counties to reg. 19-7.  I didn't link many pages, because I'm trying to at least get the info in before the conference.  Now I'll start on the calvary.
  • Finished linking the calvary to web site.  Worked on 7-12 in regiments.  Begin with 13th regiment.  There are two, a 3 year and a 3 months for each. 

 Aug. 23  Finished adding county info to the 13th to the 20th regiment.  Went back through to see if I'd missed any reg.  Started on 101st and added county template to it up to 156th regiment. Started at 101st to add the counties of origin and links.  Now I'm up to 114th. 

Aug 25  Finished 130-139.  Go back through 120 (or lower) up to 132 and check the Adjuctant General link.  It stopped working and I couldn't check my work.  It looks like I linked to the first blank page instead of the title page which is /n6/.

Finished changing the AG link.  Did internal links on 101 and 102, for a brief change.

Aug 28  Finished to 148th.  8 to go!!!   DONE!

Sept 6  Going backwards and adding internal links.  Next time, start at 153rd.

Sept 8,   Next time, start on 146 and link to stephenson county.

- 146th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Company D.<br>

Sept 20

When get to a page that links the county to Illinois site, instead of internal link, just do an internal link on that all county. I am on 144 or 143.  

Next time start on 141.

135th  Cite error: <ref> tags exist, but no <references/> tag was found

Fixed that -- Sis. showed me how.

Sept 27

Next time keep internally linking, starting with 117.  Linked back up to 135.

Oct 4

Internally linked all the regiments.  Then started to link the county pages back.  Started on 100 and went to 119.  Continue on 120 and go to 135.

Next time, start at 131.

Oct 11

FINISHED LINKING COUNTIES.  Now on to adding Roster pages.

Started on 101 and added Roster links.  Only putting first page.  Doing it 2 pages at a time, easier to scroll through.  Click on page to turn, not button. 

DId 101-106.  106 starts vol. 6.  Make sure the citation at the top, refers to vol. 6.  After that, start at 107.

Oct 18

Next time, start at 123.   

Oct 20.

Next time, start 133rd.  Make sure the program is saving properly. If not, save twice.

Next time, start on 137th, remember to save twice, if needed.

Next time, start on 144th.  Will go to 156th at the end. 

Nov 22

Finished Illinois, am now back in Minnesota.  Found a database that might help me determine regimental counties  Type in the Company and Regiment #.

April 17  is list of counties in the regiments for NH.

It keeps kicking me out.  I discovered that 2nd Reg. Infantry co. E is from Rockingham County and Merrimack County.

D is from Strattford County   C is from Hillsborough and Merrimack Counties

Recorded it.  Finished finding counties for 2nd regiment.  Go to for the roster.  Do internal links for 1 and 2.

May 22

Town locator,alpha,qr.cfm

Next time: Reg 4, co. D.  Find counties.

May 29

Finished finding all the companies in 4th reg.  Next time internal link.

June 5

Tell Marilyn pink on Company Roster, reg 5. It corrected itself.  Finish adding the counties for Co. K and doing internal links.

June 12

Working on Regiment 6, Finding counties, start Co. B.

June 19

Working on Regiment 6, start Co. I.

July 2

I'm on the 7th register.  Found a book by Little to show residences of the men.  Am linking to it

Show Marilyn.  Did I word it correctly, do I need to add more info about internet archives.

July 10th

Found counties for 11th reg, as internet archives not working.  Started on 7th reg.  Do internal links.  Then internal link 11th reg.
 July 17

Finished 7, 8 and 9th reg.  Next time, start on 10th.  (11th also done.)

July 31

Finished 10th reg.  Finished AGR links and pages for 12th.  Next time, start finding counties on 12th.

August 14

Continue with the 12th regiment, I and K.  Then link the counties.

August 28, Finished the 12th regiment.  Added a footnote to a book that gave a bit of information about the Company I which was listed as unknown residences.

Sept 4

Working on 13th.  Many many from New Market, it is either from Merrimack or Rockingham.

Revised register of the soldiers and sailors of New Hampshire in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866, Concord, New Hampshire : Ira C. Evans, 1895. Available at the Family History Library, FHL US/CAN Book 974.2 M23nh,

Or choose 5 to 8 men from the roster and see what county they were in in 1860.  That might tell me if it is Merrimack or Rockingham.

Sept 11

Looked up the men and it still didn't help, so added that some might possibly be from Newmarket, Merrimack County.   Next time, start on reg 14, co. C.Finished C, start on D.

Sept 25

Did four companies.  Next time, start on reg 14, company H.

Oct 16

Marilyn will be having young missionaries tally up the cities to find the counties.  My job is to get each regiment page ready so all they have to do is click on the AGR link and go right to the page.  I have done 15, 16, 17, 18.  Next start on the reg. with officer names as their titles.

Oct 30

Page 538 starts the New Hampshire Batallion New England Calvary.  Where is it in the wiki?

Ok to change company to troop on the 1st regiment calvary?

Finished putting in AGR links to 1st Light Artillery and 1st Heavy Artillery.

 Dec 27

First Reg Artillerys Companies in Counties is in pink, can't get it off.

Finished 1st Reg. Cavalry.  Still need to work on 15, 16, 18, 1st Heavy artillery, 2nd cavalry and all the A-Z regiments.

Start on 1st Reg heavy artillery co H.

Jan 14, 2013

Finished Heavy Artillery Reg 1st.  Look for another one that needs counties.  Instead of tallying on the town page, just tally the counties.  Use the town page to indicate which county.

1st Regiment SharpShooters

2nd reg. Sharp Shooters

Recruits for 1st and 2nd US Sharpshooters

Strafford Guards

National Guards

Layvetter artillery

Vol. 2

Jan 29

I'm working in the Sharpshooters.  One wiki page for all three companies.  Redesigned the page and I'm looking for counties in Company G.

Feb 5

Next time start on Sharpshooters 3rd comany.

Feb. 12

Finished Sharpshooters.  Next time, work on Chandlers National Guard found on Adj. Report  Need to make a heading for the companies.  Looks like it's only one company.

 Feb 18

Did Chandler's Co.  Next time work on Martin Guards.

Martin Guards

Layfayette Artillery

Feb. 25 and March 5

Here's what is left for me to do:

7th Regiment, NH Infantry.  Go to summary link to find res. DONE

15th reg. NH Infantry Found Counties, now do internal links next.  DONE

16th reg. NH Infantry  DONE

18th Reg. NH Infantry DONE

1st Battery NH Light Artillery  NOT FINISHED YET.  

Littlefields Company, Strafford Guards, NH Militia DONE