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                          Figure out what to call "traditional" forms (ones you can print and fill out by hand) and how to enter idea of both electronic and printable formsin the outline

Pedigree Charts

Family Group Sheets

Research Logs (Calendars)

Electronic Research Log

Electronic Research Log

                                   Given different research objectives the log title and column headings might well be different also.  Provide some examples.  Highlight flexibility of electronic log option.


Specialty Forms


  • US Census Headings
    • Census Headings 1790-1860
    • Census Headings 1870-1930
    • Census Headings 1940

Documentation in Family Tree

Now that FamilySearch Family Tree is available, there is an opportunity and need to enter sources for each piece of vital information. Entering all the documentation that one has may require the uploading/transferring of many individual sources. The "Documents Attached to Individuals in Family Tree" form has been designed to keep track of exactly which sources have been entered and whether or not an image of the document was included. The source(S)may be entered with Title, Where found, and Description details in one's Source Box. Then this source can be attached to the appropriate individual in the Family Tree. It is also possible, using the sources' URL, to add a document image (I) to that source which enables the actual document to be seen in Family Tree.

Documents in Family Tree.jpg

"How To" Forms


This page has been created as a work space for the development, gathering and organization of family history forms and with the goal of establishing a Wiki page for static and electronic genealogy forms.