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*Family and Church History Mission: Sept 2009 - Present
*Family and Church History Mission: Sept 2009 - Present
*Ward Family History Consultant
*Ward Family History Consultant
*High Priest Group Second Assistant
*Wiki Missionary Team Leader
==== The classes I've taught  ====
==== The classes I've taught  ====
:Numberous ward family history classes
:Numberous ward family history classes

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Charles Curtis Smith

Charles is retired in Olympia, Washington.

Contact him via his talk page.

Other social media pages: Twitter

My Wiki Work

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My Education

  • B.S., Brigham Young University, August 1981

Things that keep me busy

  • Family and Church History Mission: Sept 2009 - Present
  • Ward Family History Consultant
  • Wiki Missionary Team Leader

The classes I've taught

Numberous ward family history classes

Articles published in the Wiki