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County History Genealogy Resource

In United States research, County Histories can provide clues to your family that cannot be found anywhere else.

Step 1: Go to Internet Archives website [] and

- Search for a “History of [the county,state you are focused on] ”.
- Click on the PDF version in the left menu to load the book.
- Use Ctrl+F to search for the family name you are working on.
- Continue to click the right arrow of the “Find” box to see all entries throughout the book

Step 2: Verify any findings of additional family members in the U.S. Censuses. Start with the census after the marriage of the parents. 

- Click on the links below to search the record group:

1850 U.S. Census                            1900 U.S. Census 

1860 U.S. Census                            1910 U.S. Census

1870 U.S. Census                            1920 U.S. Census

1880 U.S. Census                            1930 U.S. Census

                                                           1940 U.S. Census

To learn more about County Histories, see the following lesson in the FamilySearch Learning Center:
“County Histories and Your Family” by Janice Schultz, MLS