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=== County History Genealogy Resource === In United States research, County Histories can provide clues to your family that cannot be found anywhere else. Step 1: Go to Internet Archives website [] and - Search for a “History of [the county,state you are focused on] ”.
- Click on the PDF version in the left menu to load the book.
- Use Ctrl+F to search for the family name you are working on.
- Continue to click the right arrow of the “Find” box to see all entries throughout the book

Step 2: Verify any findings of additional family members in the U.S. Censuses. Start with the census after the marriage of the parents.
{| width="350" border="2" align="center" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3" |+ Click on the links below to search the record group: |- | 1850 U.S. Census | 1910 U.S. Census |- | 1860 U.S. Census | 1920 U.S. Census |- | 1870 U.S. Census | 1930 U.S. Census |- | 1880 U.S. Census | 1940 U.S. Census |- | 1900 U.S. Census | |}

To learn more about County Histories, see the following lesson in the FamilySearch Learning Center:
“County Histories and Your Family” by Janice Schultz, MLS