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I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, the first of three girls. My parents raised us in Pittsburgh and, after his job transferred my Dad, in Buffalo, NY. When I was 17 years old. I was tracted out by the missionaries. Our home in Williamsville, NY (a suburb of Buffalo) was only half a mile from the new meetinghouse being built by the Buffalo members, so our development was one of the first hit by the elders after the building was finished.

I was baptized a week after my 17th birthday, and left for BYU 10 months later. I left BYU after four years, joining my parents in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I lived there for three years, met my husband through the Young Adult program. We married in the Washington, D.C. temple in 1975, and then, returned to BYU so my husband could complete his degree. I finished up my degree at the same time, and we both graduated in 1978. We came to Maryland to settle down in 1982 when my husband, Steve, took a job at NSA. We've been here ever since.

We have two children, and one grandchild. One daughter lives not far from us in Maryland, and the other lives in Florida.

I have worked as:
- a security guard at the Washington, D.C. temple
- a nursing assistant
- a substitute teacher
- a switchboard supervisor
- an HMO complaint resolution administrator
- a corporate trainer for two medical insurance companies with headquarters here in Maryland, and a software start-up company
- a technical writer and editor, creating and updating training materials as part of my training responsibilities, and as a freelance writer

I have served as:
- a Primary and Young Women's President (while living in Germany, in the American Servicemen's Wards and Stakes)
- a stake Music Chairperson, ward choir director, ward organist, ward Music Chairperson, Sacrament meeting, Primary, and Relief Society Music Directors
- Ward Teacher Development Coordinator during the test of the program in our stake. I held the position for four years, teaching three Teacher Development classes every year, as well as conducting monthly teacher training and inservice lessons for members already in teaching positions
- a teacher in Sunday School and Relief Society

I like to read, write, sew; I am learning to quilt. I am a big fan of science fiction movies, especially ones with great special effects. I love classical music, some opera, broadway musicals, mostly of the Rogers, Hammerstein, Lerner and Lowe era. I sing, in choirs and choruses, as well as doing some solo work. I have been in operas and Broadway musicals, both here in the U.S. and in Germany. I love organ classical music, as well as sacred music and hymns of all religions

I am currently disabled, but have hopes of overcoming the barriers to activity.