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Special Characters





9.1: Media

Belfast in Northern Ireland.jpg (file)

9.2: Template

9.3: Table

9.4: Comment

9.5: Gallery

9.6: Reference list:

WestDerbyStakeBldg View2.JPG (file)

Historic Ireland (pre-1922)
Wiki Topics
Beginning Research
Record Types
Ireland Background
Local Research Resources
Northern Ireland Wiki Topics
Record Types
British Isles
Top row 4th column


Arizona, United States Genealogy

Mormon Pioneer Companies (1847-1868)


  1. Date with husband
  2. Movie on TV
  3. Dinner with him
  4. Read Scriptures
  • Make Dinner
  • Swimming

Cite References

  • Create a reference or footnote for the word "Lorem" explaining what the Lorem ipsum paragraph is used for.
  • On the word "Phasellus" put the same reference you created again.

Lorem[1] ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed mattis risus libero, ac vehicula neque rhoncus luctus. Phasellus[1] mattis nisl ut felis porttitor, vel faucibus nisl viverra. Suspendisse convallis erat justo, pulvinar sollicitudin ante eleifend sed. Mauris tortor tellus, mattis non egestas nec, molestie consectetur nibh. Praesent sagittis enim sit amet leo fringilla[2], in euismod magna ullamcorper. Phasellus eget elit viverra, convallis metus id, ornare neque. Duis nec nunc sed est iaculis[2] consequat.

Last day of training[3]

Reference for finding attribute info[4]

[3]Lesson # 6: Links

Internal links

  • "Search pages" tab is for selecting links to articles within the Wiki. Suggested articles might be shown. Otherwise, enter name of article you want to link to.(No double square brackets required as with Wikitext coding.)

Ireland Taxation

Ireland Maps

Arizona, United States Genealogy




External links

  • "External link" tab is for entering the URL of the external link. (No single square brackets required as with Wikitext coding).


To save links

  • Click "Done" when finished
  • Click "Save page" in the VisualEditor tool bar.
  • Fill in "Summary" on panel that appears and then "Save page."

Create Internal Link:




Create External Link:




National Archives of Ireland


W3school is a site to learn more about coding attributes[4]


Text Styling

You can make changes to the style or appearance of text. Highlight the text you want to alter and select from the drop down menu. 

(Notice: You can also change style by using the Control key with another key such as a "i" to change text to italics.)

  • Bold - makes the text bold.
  • Italic - makes the text italic.
  • Superscript - turns text into a superscript.
  • Subscript - turns the text into a subscript.
  • Strikethrough - puts a line through the text.
  • Computer code[1] - inserts HTML tags <code> and </code> around text you highlighted, which changes the default setting of the font.
  • Underline - draws a line under text.
  • Language[2] - changes language using ISO[3] coding such as "en" for English.
  • Clear formatting - removes any styling attached to the text other than default.
Lesson #4: Paragraph & Headers

By clicking on the Paragraph tab, you will see the following drop down menu:

  • This menu allows you to change the size of the headers.
  • Highlight the header text you want to change and select the size from the dropped down menu. (Notice you can also change the size by holding down the Control key and then pressing the number that equals the size of the header wanted, such as Ctrl 3.)

Here are the sizes of the headers as shown in the menu:

  • Heading - header which is 2 equal signs (==) in Wikitext coding.
  • Sub-heading 1 - equals (===) in Wikitext coding.
  • Sub-heading 2 - equals (====) in Wikitext coding.
  • Sub-heading 3 - equals (=====) in Wikitext coding.
  • Sub-heading 4 - equals (======) in Wikitext coding.
  • Preformatted - Removes the default font and replaces it with a font that looks like old typewriter font.
  • Block quote - Turns a paragraph or sentence into a block of text that is indented.
  • Page title - equals (=) in Wikitext coding. However, this size header is RESERVED ONLY FOR ARTICLE TITLES! DO NOT use this size of header in your articles. If you were to make a header with one equal sign, it will remove the actual title at the top of the page, leaving a blank space. In addition, the browser will think your header is now the title of the article.

Undo and Redo

Undo arrow: You can undo one or more edits as long as they have not been saved.

Redo arrow: You can redo one or more edits as long as they have not been saved.

Introduction to Visual Editor

  • Visual Editor was created to allow people who have little or no knowledge of programming to add material to a Wiki site.
  • It resembles editing in a word processing program.
  • However, Visual Editor does have its limitations
  • LIMITATIONS: For example, you can place images but you have little control as to their size and location in an article.
  • With Visual Editor you can... Add a reference or footnote.
  • What can you create in Visual Editor?
A. Paragraphs of information.
B. Tables.
C. Numbered lists.

Some Wiki Text Tags Opening Tag Text in middle of tags Closing Tags
Div Tags <div> Commands do not work without both opening and closing tags. </div>
Table Tags {pipe Use pipe+ for Rows and pipes for Cells pipe}
Paragraph Tags <p> Type attribute info after <p space = "attribute; attribute;"> before using closing tag. </p>
Bold Tag ''' To make text bold you flank text between three apostrophies '''
Italic Tag '' To italicize text you flank it between two italic's marks ''
Image Tags [ [ Use word "file" or "image" : name of image.(type) pipe size pipe other attributes pipe Name ] ]
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