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I Know the City/Town But Don’t Know the Street Address Where My Ancestor Lived in 1940

To locate your ancestor in the 1940 Census, use a name index or know the Enumeration District where your ancestor lived.

Check to see if the state where your ancestor lived has been indexed. LINK TO LIST

If the state index has not yet been completed, find your ancestor in a city directory to locate an address.  Then, determine the correct Enumeration District number for the address. 

Follow these stops to locate a street address for your ancestor: 

Step 1 Locate Your Ancestor in a City Directory

Your ancestor may be listed in a city directory. A city directory is an alphabetical listing of residents and their street addresses in a town or city.

Some city directories may be found online:

If your city is not listed online, you can find city directories at:

More information about City Directories

Telephone Books - a substitute
Some larger cities stopped making city directories by 1940 and instead created telephone books. Unfortunately, only a portion of the residents had telephones.

Cities with 1940 telephone books:

If there is no city directory available for the city or town you are searching, use a substitute source to locate an address.

Step 2 Find the Cross Streets for Your Ancestor's Address

Search for your ancestor’s street address using a mapping website such as:

Locate the major cross streets near your ancestor's address and write it down.

Step 3 Use to Determine the Enumeration District (E.D.)

Do the following:

  • Use the drop down lists to choose the state, county, and city or town where your ancestor lived.
  • Fill in the street address and the cross streets identified in step two to determine the E.D. The E.D. should consist of two numbers separated by a dash with the first number representing the county.
  • Click on the Enumeration District numbers displayed and choose 1940 E.D. Description in the box to see the names of the streets that border that enumeration district.

Step 4 Use to Browse the Images

Do the following:

  • Go to
  • Find the 1940 Census
  • On the Explore the 1940 Census page ADD LINK, type in the state, county, city and Enumeration District into the available fields.
  • Click on the set of images.
  • Search the names on each census page for your ancestor. Be sure to use the arrows in the top right corner to move to the next image in the enumeration district